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MakeupLoversUnite - Hi! I'm Michelle Molina and my blog is here to inspire & educate. Enjoy! Check MakeupLoversUnite for updates on beauty sales from major brands, chatting about new and/or popular products, product...

  • http://www.makeuploversunite.com/dupe MakeupLoversUnite — Makeup Dupes - Makeup Dupes Benefit Highbeam/Boots No 7 Illuminating Lotion (sold at Target) Credit: http://beautyblogofakind.blogspot.com/2011/07/boots-no7-high-lights-illuminating.html MAC Cherish/Maybelline...
  • http://www.makeuploversunite.com/about MakeupLoversUnite — About/Contact - About/Contact Hello! My name is Michelle Molina and I’m here to share and obsess over all things beauty! I’m currently living in Sacramento, California and attending college here in Sacramento. I hope...
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  • http://www.makeuploversunite.com/post/152182533014/things-that-could-be-breaking-you-out MakeupLoversUnite — Things That Could Be Breaking You Out - Things That Could Be Breaking You Out makeuploversunite: “ Hello makeup lovers! Let’s talk about skin. There are many causes you may not know are behind your break outs. Switching up a few daily...
  • http://www.makeuploversunite.com/post/101804116254/things-that-could-be-breaking-you-out MakeupLoversUnite — Things That Could Be Breaking You Out - Things That Could Be Breaking You Out Hello makeup lovers! Let’s talk about skin. There are many causes you may not know are behind your break outs. Switching up a few daily habits and making some...

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  • Amazon Customer - check and debit register

    These are great since you never get enough check registers when you order checks. Now that I use my debit card and have automatic withdrawals, the space is used up quickly.

  • Scott - Good turntable that is very easy to use.

    I've been looking for a good little turntable for a while now, they are getting harder to find. If you like vinyl, you already know that nothing really compares to the sound, so when I came across this one I had to give it a try. Here are my thoughts:

  • Brenda - Crashed my computer

    After installing this product my 5 year old Dell inspiron ran very slowly when online and kept giving me high performance warnings every 5 minutes. I uninstalled the program and was going to reinstall hoping that I would have the option to leave out some of the software components that were slowing down my system. When I tried to reinstall from the software library on Amazon, it went through its whole process and gave me an error at the end saying it was unable to install. I tried this twice and wasted alot of time. I am disappointed with Amazon for not having a return action for this product as I am very dissapointed.

  • Brittney - Even though I haven't been good, these are good!

    Im almost on week 2 of being on these drops. I have done the HCG diet before using different drops. I lost 13 pounds in like 3 days, which obviously was just water. However, then I've gained and lost like a rollercoaster. I have been working out and lifting some. Also I think my weight has fluctuated so much due to some PMS. No bueno. I did have a beer as well on Saturday. So considering all that I seem to have lost 12 legitimate pounds since I started. So I cant be mad. I think the other drops I have used before made me lose more, but I think it was more water and not legitimate fat Like I feel I have lost now. Im trying not to be a slave to the scale (which is hard) but I try to relish in the fact that I have gone down 3 notches on my belt and my clothes fit way better, and this is only after 2 weeks, Im going to be super good (I hope ) and complete a couple more weeks and hopefully get to a good place. These do seem to give me a BIT more energy then other drops I have used. I also have kicked my diet coke and sugar free monster habit since starting these drops. So that also has been why I often want to karate chop people in the throat. Overall I think this is a good product.

  • meryssa tunac - fewer songs?

    Thought my niece and nephew would like the newer songs, but they prefer just dance 4...doesn't seem like it has as much songs...liked that they changed how to select songs by keeping hands still over choice instead of trying to click.

  • Clara S. - Clever, Spoooooky, and Honest.

    I loved this documentary! It was so funny, and probably the most real and honest exploration into the world of ghosts I have encountered. Not only was it nice to have both skeptics and believers together, but the discussions around their experiences were authentic and grounded. It is definitely a refreshing look at the paranormal. Highly recommended.

  • vuhx - Attractive & Comfortable

    Love these I have the blue and black/pink. I bought these for traveling as my last trip almost killed my feet on the cobblestone. These are very comfortable and quite stylish. I wear with leggings turned up jeans or cropped casual pants. They look good and you can still fit a smartwool sock in them and be comfortable in colder weather.