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Macafem - Macafem is an all-natural, safe, and effective supplement for menopause and other hormonal disorders. Read everything about Macafem supplements and more.

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  • http://www.macafem.com/how-macafem-works/ How Macafem Works? - Macafem.com - Macafem works by nourishing the endocrine system to balance hormone levels, helping to relieve symptoms of menopause & hormonal disorders. Find out more
  • http://www.macafem.com/benefits/ Benefits of Macafem - Macafem.com - The benefits of macafem include relief from menopause symptoms and hormonal disorders, like hot flashes, hair loss, and weight gain, among many others.
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  • DemBones - 000 sqft but due to poor placement of the cable outlet for the modem (right ...

    Just purchased today. Our house is right around 4,000 sqft but due to poor placement of the cable outlet for the modem (right on the other side of the wall from the chimney), getting Wi-Fi signal to the entire upstairs was problematic. A range extender helped but was slow. We initially bought the top-of-the-line Nighthawk router thinking that would solve the problem but it made little difference in extending coverage. Returned it and got the Orbi which solved the problem.

  • Nicholas Monsour - Great on PC's battery sucker on the iPhone

    I've had Norton on my PC's (3) for several years and not had an issue and i work in IT (I was voted most likely to find the end of the internet by my coworkers, lol) so i go to an see a lot of content on the internet. I haven't even had a close call. The only bad thing I can say is when Theft Protection is enabled on the iPhone it sucks the battery down pretty fast so if you don't charge a lot you will be in trouble I think.

  • Alecia - Like the Brand, Not this Package

    I really like the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner - I'd give this review a 5 if only on them. They smell wonderful and I literally got comments on how good I smelled at work, just from the smampoo!

  • D. Miao - False Advertising BUYER BEWARE!!! No wifi Link feature on cheap blue option

    This Item was returned because it was not the "LINK" Wifi enabled device. This item is advertised as having it but price point is cheaper because this feature is missing from the device. If your are fine with never using the app to check the air quality or any of the smart features then this is fine. Everything else should work as intended and work the same. So if your looking at the cheaper one just be careful as this is why its cheaper and not the color.

  • Erica J. Price - Fire engine red, Raggedy Ann red

    I did not buy this on Amazon, I should note. I like the Clairol products and have been happy with the lightest golden brown. I do miss the medium golden blonde. I tried this as something different and fun, but ended up buying dye remover that evening to wash it out. The color is Raggedy Ann red and not in the least bit natural. The result didn't even resemble the woman on the box. Would not purchase again!