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  • John Picklesimer - THE must-have chemical for your tank

    This is the must have chemical for your tank. It is useful for neutralizing chlorine in tap water and also neutralizes several conditions like ammonia. This was recommended to us by our aquarium shop owner who is a microbiologist in his day job.

  • Vericka Naylor - Feeling Great!!!

    If you are not losing weight off of this stuff then you are not eating right or working out like it tells you to on the site I have used this product for a week have lost 5 lbs I worked out during that week by the second day of me taking it I feel a boost of energy and I'm not as hungry as I was before I started the site clearly states with moderate exercise and eating right you will see the results you want that I have lost more weight with this product than any other I have tried kudos to you guys and I don't feel bloated or have any stomach issues one thing to remember before bashing this product everyones body reacts differently to any weight loss product but you can't eat what you want not exercise and expect the weight to just go away you have to put in work and I'm not talking about the fork to mouth workout push back from that table this product works!!!!

  • James J. Gorski - Well built, reliable, functional generator for those on a budget.

    I purchased this generator as an emergency power source. We are located on a farm in a rural area, and I wanted to be sure we could run a portable heater, some lights, and the microwave oven in the event of a severe winter storm. Unpacking the unit and removing the shipping brace was simple. I purchased the optional wheel kit, which makes it very handy to move the unit around. After speaking to a licensed electrician, I purchased an 8 foot copper grounding rod and 10 feet of 10 gauge stranded copper wire. I will drive the grounding rod in at an angle, and it will most likely remain there permanently. I haven't heard to many people on here mention the grounding rod, but in the event the unit gets caught outside in rain while running, I am not taking any chances. The instruction book says not to use the generator in the rain, but many times a thunderstorm with high winds is the reason we are running it to begin with. The grounding rod was $12 at the local hardware store.