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  • Dan Holzhueter - Tastes terrible

    May be all right if mixed in a big smoothie, but just in water or juice, it tastes and smells like vomit.Haven't noticed any extra energy or any miracles yet, but only have tried it for about 3 weeks. Will use up my 2 jars, but unless my hair turns brown or my arthritis pain goes away, would not purchase again.

  • Lady Boss - TWD is my favorite show, but this was such as painful episode ...

    I am in total SHOCK. I almost yacked and damn near went unconscious. TWD is my favorite show, but this was such a painful episode to watch - and one that I could never be able to watch again. The sh** that went down was so unexpected and did not do justice to the characters that were involved. These characters were what I called "hitters", and although I anticipated one or two of the hitters to succumb to their deaths in this season, I did not expect it to happen in such a way. Brutally painful and unjust, to say the least.

  • stephen costa - Useful features removed, ugly interface, sometimes crashes

    I've just started using VS 2012, and so far have found it a major regression in appearance and ease of use.