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Lakes Region Nutrition Center, LLC - An independent natural food store in downtown Meredith NH, selling quality supplements, gluten-free foods, organice produce, local meats, organic body care, bulk products, organic wine and more.

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  • David Bierman - Great idea

    i really enjoy this adapter. i have plenty of electronics and not enough outlets. this is a perfect way to charge them all.I highly recommend for everyone to add to their backpack.


    Caution: I have been using many of these over the past few years. I know exactly how the packaging is supposed to look. This ear piece was opened and used for sure. Even the small piece that goes into my ear was still dirty. They are not brand new as advertised. Upon close inspection the packaging stickers were removed and replaced to seem like new. PAY CLOSE ATTN WHEN OPENING YOUR PACKAGING. I am positive they are selling used or returned items. My battery would not hold a charge. I had to return it.

  • Dik Butt - It's Topkek

    I bought this game on a whim a few minutes before release hour, as I decided it would be fun to play the first big multiplayer Play Anywhere title. I have no experience with the Gears of War series, but I believe this is a great place to start. Graphics are great, smooth third-person gameplay with fun combat. There is a serious lack of third person cover shooters on the market right now ever since SOCOM's developers were shut down, and this is a great way to get that fill. Currently I am running a Razer Blade 2014 with a GTX870m, i7-4702HQ, 8gb ddr3 Ram and I am getting 60fps at medium-high at 1366x768 resolution if that gives anyone with a laptop an idea how this game runs. Make sure you update your Nvidia driver to the latest version, as my game wouldn't run with the older driver.

  • tuthers - Not so great for my skin

    Though this is perfect for some people, it's very drying. I put it on over a water-base moisturizer, and that helped, but it was still very dry and made my eyelids look like crepe paper. I think it would be perfect for a very young person who also has oily eyelids. One plus is that it truly will hold your shadow until you remove it with a remover.