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  • http://www.labradorretrieverguide.com/this-chocolate-labrador-dancing-for-food/ This Chocolate Labrador Dancing for Food Is Going to Make You Giggle! - LabradorRetrieverGuide.com - This video of a chocolate Labrador dancing for food is the cutest thing you’ll see this week! This chocolate Labrador Retriever’s name is Bond.
  • http://www.labradorretrieverguide.com/labrador-trapped-at-the-bottom-of-a-well-for-nearly-a-month-miraculously-survives/ Labrador Trapped At The Bottom Of A Well For Nearly A Month Miraculously Survives - LabradorRetrieverGuide.com - Bruno, a Labrador who got trapped inside a well for nearly a month, has miraculously survived. The 7-year-old Lab went missing in mid-September.
  • http://www.labradorretrieverguide.com/common-health-problems-in-labradors/ Common Health Problems in Labradors - LabradorRetrieverGuide.com - What are the common health problems in Labradors ? Being naturally-active dogs, Labradors are generally healthy but there some health issues they are prone to.
  • http://www.labradorretrieverguide.com/taking-good-care-of-labrador-teeth/ Taking Good Care of Labrador Teeth - LabradorRetrieverGuide.com - Dental health is often overlooked by dog owners. It may not seem much but taking food care of Labrador teeth is very important in keeping your pet healthy.
  • http://www.labradorretrieverguide.com/silly-cat-tries-to-steal-treat-from-labrador/ Silly Cat Tries To Steal Treat From Labrador And Regrets It Immediately! - LabradorRetrieverGuide.com - Sometimes dogs and cats get along -- but not without mischief! In this video, one silly cat tries to steal a treat from a Labrador!
  • http://www.labradorretrieverguide.com/can-dog-pee-kill-plants-is-your-labrador-destroying-your-garden/ Can Dog Pee Kill Plants? Is Your Labrador Destroying Your Garden? - LabradorRetrieverGuide.com - Can dog pee kill plants? So your Labrador pees on the same spot everyday and you probably notice that the plant he sprays his urine to has died.
  • http://www.labradorretrieverguide.com/benadryl-dosage-for-labradors/ Benadryl Dosage for Labradors - LabradorRetrieverGuide.com - Dogs may suffer from allergies from time to time and as a Lab owner, knowing the right Benadryl dosage for Labradors is a good idea.

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  • Alexandra Mileto - A Must Have

    This book is so useful for everyone in the legal profession. I highly recommend it to both students and legal professionals.

  • Mary3364 - Very helpful.

    My son was super happy with this. He is hardcore Fantasy Football, but has been really busy lately and wanted the stats n stuff.

  • spinytrout1 - I highly recommend this spreader

    I highly recommend this spreader. Very easy to adjust flow rate and broadcasts about 15 feet or so, perfect for food plots. This unit is very quiet, easy to clean, easy to install, and easy to use. The lid fits tight which can be good for rough terrain to stop any spillage if completely full. Spreads all types and sizes of seeds/peas, and pellitized fertilizer without clogging.

  • Amazon Customer - Its alright. There's a handle for you to carry ...

    Its alright. There's a handle for you to carry the box at the top, but then, there's nothing to hold the top part to the bottom part. So if you try lifting the box up by the top handle, the top part will come right off. Kinda silly

  • Andre W Furtado - Great for gastro-intestinal healing

    I have read that this product is good for destroying pancreatic cancer cells but no human studies have been done obviously because no one wants to pay for a study for an inexpensive non-patentable solution to health problems. I first tried the capsules but now I use a teaspoon of the oil after every meal. It sure has settled my pain and it appears to be helping me heal better than anything else I have tried. ( I used N acetyl cysteine+limonene+maitake mushrooms+reishi mushrooms+inositol IP6) It worked better after meals than applying it on toast at mealtime. I also take lecithin with it as it helps emulsify oils and makes them easier to digest. I had far less flatulence when I combined it with lecithin. ( I have poor digestion). Mohammed called it the blessed seed and it deserves that title. I recommend it to everyone who has pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. However if you already have low blood pressure as i do due to taking prostate medication, it may lower it even more so move slowly when you wake up and get some food in your tummy. I am thinking of moving to two teaspoons after each meal as it has been used for thousands of years and has little or no toxicity. However some sources recommend not exceeding three teaspoons per day although others have indicated that six teaspoons can be tolerated in a day. I have read that diabetics should not take it as it lowers blood sugar. Neither should pregnant women.

  • usclawgrad2001 - How to Make Your Slendertone Pads Last Forever...

    Before I bought this item, I kept seeing people complain that the pads wore out so quickly. I saw some people that said that they drenched the pads in rubbing alcohol to make them last longer. Others online recommended using window cleaner after each use. And still others said to use water based lubricant. I tried the rubbing alcohol and window cleaner and that didn't really work well because if you were using a towel to apply the stuff to the pads, the towel would stick and leave residue on the pads. The water based lubricants would probably be too messy. After thinking about it some more, I came up with the perfect solution. I found something that combines all the things everyone else had recommended (or elements of each) in a nice, none messy solution... so if you want to keep your slendertone pads working for a very, very long time, just use PURELL (OR ANY ALCOHOL BASED HAND SANITIZER) after each use. Put a couple drops on there, rub it on the pad to cover the surface and then wipe off the excess or just let it dry. No dripping mess, no towels sticking to the pads and no mess on you either. Works like a charm and the pads become sticky and work like new each time. I haven't had to replace any of my pads in months and months.