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Kindred Hospital San Antonio | Transitional Care and Specialty Hospital - Thank you for considering Kindred Hospital San Antonio located in San Antonio, TX for you or your family member's care. Our hospitals provide aggressive, specialized care to patients who require extended recovery time.

  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/contact-us/ Contact Us | Kindred Hospital San Antonio - Thank you for your interest in our Hospital. We value your feedback and are happy to answer additional questions that were not answered within the site.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/careers/ Careers with Kindred Healthcare | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - At Kindred Hospital we offer career opportunities for nurses, rehabilitation therapists, respiratory therapists and other support staff.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/our-services/ Extended Recovery Care Hospital Services | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Kindred Hospital San Antonio provides specialized long-term acute care to medically complex patients requiring continued care and extended recovery time.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/our-services/pulmonary-care/ Pulmonary Care Services | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Kindred Hospital San Antonio offers pulmonary rehabilative care to help patients breathe easier.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/our-services/complex-wound-care/ Complex Wound Care Services | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Our inpatient Wound Care Program is designed for patients requiring extensive treatment interventions.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/our-services/dialysis/ Dialysis Services | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Kindred Healthcare is a Nationally Recognized provider of dialysis services in the United States.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/our-services/icu/ ICU and Special Care Units | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Kindred Hospital San Antonio ICU and Special Care Units provide patients with focused, specialized care.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/our-services/iv-antibiotic-therapy/ IV Therapy Services | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Kindred Hospital San Antonio provides IV antibiotic therapy for patients who require a consistent dosage of antibiotics to fight infection.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/our-services/rehabilitation-services/ Rehabilitation Services Hospital | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Kindred Hospital San Antonio works in partnership with RehabCare to provide rehabilitation therapy to medically complex patients who require specialized treatment and extended recovery time within a long-term acute care hospital setting.
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  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/about-us/ About our Transitional Care Hospital | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Kindred Transitional Care Hospital, located in San Antonio, TX, is for the medically complex, chronically ill, or catastrophically injured patient who requires extended recovery time.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/about-us/mission/ Our Mission and Values | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Kindred promotes healing, hope, dignity and to produce value for each patient, resident, family member, customer, employee and shareholder we serve.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/about-us/what-is-ltac/ What is Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC)? | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Learn how Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC) is such an intricate part of Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/about-us/hospital-quality-report/ Quality Report | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Our employees are committed to providing high quality patient care and outstanding customer service.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/about-us/managed-care/ Managed Care | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Kindred Hospitals reduce the cost, trauma and risk of short-term hospital readmission by being staffed and equipped to respond to changes in medical conditions.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/about-us/photo-gallery/ Photo Gallery | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - We offer a selection of transitional and rehabilitation pictures for you to see in our Photo Gallery.
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  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/about-us/pulmonary-care-symposium/ Kindred San Antonio - 2nd Annual Pulmonary Care Symposium - Register for the 2nd Annual Pulmonary Care Symposium at Kindred Hospital San Antonio
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/about-us/continue-the-care/ Continue the Care | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Discover how Continue the Care provides recovery, ensures an independent lifestyle and reduces re-admission to acute care hospitals.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/about-us/kaleidoscope/ 2014 Kaleidoscope | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Kaleidoscope is an annual arts and poetry contest for Kindred patients and residents.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/our-stories/ Our Stories | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - We have a story to tell about the successes and outstanding outcomes of our patients and the Kindred team that helps them get there.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/our-stories/community-involvement/ Community Involvement | San Antonio, TX | Kindred Hospital - Our community involvement is consistent with our company's principles and with our mission of customer service and quality care.
  • http://www.khsanantonio.com/our-stories/the-daisy-award/ Kindred Hospitals - San Antonio - Our Stories - The DAISY Award - At Kindred, each patient, resident and employee also represents part of our story – one that includes our dedication to hope, healing and recovery

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  • Jason Brown - MUST BUY!!

    GREAT BOOK!!! This book changed my life. We, African Americans, forget that we are NOT of Eurppean descent. Their medicine don't work for us.

  • John F. Doyle - okay for fat calves

    I love Injinji socks. I use them in my Vibram five fingers. I bought these socks for travel and after running races. They are nice, easy to get on, but woefully loose. I bought a pair, discovered that they were too big in the calf, so I downsized. The smaller size was only shorter. The sock barely stays up on my calves. The material is fine, the workmanship is great (like all the other Injinji socks), but they offer no compression for my calves. I am a distance runner, and like the idea of a recovery sock. These socks are far too loose to offer any compression unless you are a person with substantial calves! Since most distance runners are thin, I can't recommend these for skinny people! Sorry!

  • Steve Hance - So Far So Good - Is Now Battle Tested And Approved !

    Haven't had a real serious test yet, but it ran well right out of the box. The real test will come when we are without power for an extended time. This model matched up well with the electrical items we would plan to keep running if the power went out. I believe that we'll invest in the wheel kit soon, this bugger is heavier than it looks, and fits nicely right in the corner of the garage.

  • Wayne McGillacutty - Very nice switch, feels substantial

    Very nice switch, feels substantial, not cheap, looks durable and the graphics are crisp and clean. The enclosed directions and schematics make everything regarding this swithch a no brained, I'm ordering more in the future.

  • Raider - This little light rocks!

    I could not believe how much light this little thing produces. You'll have to see for yourself. I have no complaints or recommendations for any changes.

  • Kyle Land - 100% True...science experiment executed, remodeling bathroom this weekend....

    One can only handle so many reviews of "niagra falls through a coffee straw" before the question of "I wonder if this stuff is legit." All I can say is that after only 20, TWENTY, of these little sugarless delights, I am now installing handicap rails in my bathroom and suggesting my work place make them manditory for each stall. After ripping off my toilet paper roller in an attempt to keep myself from becoming airborne, I now know there are two important reasons for these handicap rails: 1) they allow you to have something sturdy to clinch on without damaging walls, toilet paper rolls, above the tank cabinets, etc. 2) at some point, I know I levitated off the toilet and remained airborne for approximately 5 seconds as what I can only describe as the force of a Saturn 5 rocket exploded from my bottom. I would load pictures of what my bathroom and toilet looked like but am affraid Amazon will close my account. Had I been able to grab ahold of something and anchor myself to the toilet, say for instance like a handicap rail, I may have prevented what can only be desribed as Helen Keller playing with brown spray paint all over the back of my toilet and walls. There comes a point when wet wipes are no longer effective due to the magma exploding from Mt. St. Anus and burning sensitive areas of your tush. The wet wipes eventually spontaneously combust. I surrendered and just curled up in the fetal position in the shower and prayed the cold water would never run out. For $35 I got the most amazing abdominal workout of my life and cleansed every toxin known to man all at the same time. That typically costs hundreds of dollars!!

  • Skylandry - Looks great, decent FM reception...no AM reception

    Arrived in very nice packaging. Offered 100% refund if not satisfied. So how does it work? It is ok. Install was easy and fit and finish was excellent. As for reception, it isn't as good as it was but how could it when you shrink the length from 25" to 4". I get all the FM stations I use to get but my range isn't as good. As for AM, my reception is weak at best. If I do "seek" on AM it just circles all the way around finding no stations. So why didn't I return it? It looks good, gets ok FM reception and I don't really care about AM and play alot of iPod. Why not 5 stars? Well they claim it gets "as good" as the stock antenna but it doesn't. As for my car it is a 2007 FJ Cruiser.