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  • pwpky - Worked in my heel pain

    I have plantar fasciitis and in 3 years these are first over counter product that really works, but a bit expensive

  • Amazon Customer - Total Scam!!

    Bought this, and the refill pack, for my yard that has basically no grass left in it and followed the directions letter for letter and after over a month absolutely nada! It didn't spray out and cover the ground like it was supposed to, like in the commercials. No mousse that I could see what so ever! It just looked like grass seed with green food coloring sprayed on it! I really thought this would work and it would have, if it had had the mousse covering to coat it to the ground like it was supposed to!! VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Wish I could get back all the money I threw away on this little endeavor!

  • TigerMom - Great supplement. I have been looking for a new ...

    Great supplement. I have been looking for a new butt supplement that is more natural and that has more of what I need in one pill versus many different pills. I have only been taking these for couple of weeks but I can tell a difference already. Not in a butt yet but I definitely feel like I have more energy and that I don't have any side effects such as nausea and stomach problems while taking these as I do often with other vitamins I have taken. There is no bad taste or after taste. They are easy to swallow. I received this product at a discount price in exchange for my honest review. Please click Yes if my review was helpful for you.

  • iloveamazon34 - Pretty upset that the travel map was ripped out of ...

    Pretty upset that the travel map was ripped out of the back. The product was advertised as new--but it clearly wasn't.

  • Julie Mourachian - Great adapter kit

    It is well constructed with simple directions. I installed it in my 2004 Ford Escape, and the fit is snug and looks great. I opted to use the trim piece that came with this kit in place of the one that came with the stereo, because it gives the finished product a more flush and tight fitting look. This was my first install, and this kit helped make it a fairly painless process. I highly recommend it.

  • Andy Allred - You can do this!

    Yes, this works. I started T25 in August of 2015 and it was hard. I was too fat. Too out of shape. I couldn't do it. I quit. And so I stayed fat and out of shape. I got fatter. I ended up around 225 at 5'8. Fast forward to February. The DVDs are sitting in the box still. I decided to try again. t was still hard. I modified with Tania everyday during Alpha. I still couldn't get through Total Body Circuit the first time. I had to turn it off after like 18 minutes (hello oblique knee pushups!) But this time I still hit play the next day. And the next. Soon I was doing the regular moves with everyone else. At the end of Alpha my legs were in pain, but I was down a good 20 pounds (yes in 5 weeks! Yes I cleaned up my diet too!) Then I moved onto Beta, ad it was like day 1 all over. Hello Tania, let's do this again! Again, in about a week I'm hitting it with the rest of the crew again. And then I started noticing something. Abs! Not a six pack, but definition I'd never seen before. After nailing Beta, I got a copy of Gamma and if you don't think Speed 3.0 is a challenge you're crazy and/or Batman. After finishing all three rounds, I was down 60 pounds and ready for new challenges. I'll mix some T25 in again though. I wish I could meet Shaun T and give him a hug.