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JonJot Books - All books written by medical experts for use by doctors, medical students, healthcare workers and patients. Easy to read nd understand. Take responsiility for

  • http://www.jonjot.com/endorsement/ Endorsement | JonJot - These health books have been published in association with the Department of Health for the benefit of the people of South Africa.
  • http://www.jonjot.com/about-us/ About us | JonJot - In the world healthcare market there is nothing quite like the EasiRead series. These pocket books, which have education and knowledge at their very heart, are
  • http://www.jonjot.com/product/reconstructive-plastic-surgery/ reconstructive plastic surgery | JonJot - Plastic surgery is a specialised branch of surgery devoted to the treatment of deformities of the face and other areas of the body and hands. Plastic surgery is
  • http://www.jonjot.com/product/aesthetic-plastic-surgery/ Aesthetic Plastic Surgery | JonJot - The word ‘Plastic’ is derived from the Greek ‘plasticos’ which means to mould or reform. Plastic surgery allows us to mould or reform the human body. The spe
  • http://www.jonjot.com/product/the-skin-3/ The Skin | JonJot - INTRODUCTION The skin is the body's largest organ and the most obvious. With its appendages, the hair and nails, it is that aspect of the individual presented
  • http://www.jonjot.com/product/aids/ Aids medical book | JonJot - HOW DO YOU DIAGNOSE HIV? The first commercially available HIV serological tests were available by 1985. Subsequently there has been a rapid evolution in HIV
  • http://www.jonjot.com/product/immunology-vaccines/ Immunology vaccines medical book | JonJot - Immunology vaccines medical book, 2.5 TETANUS DTaP: Infanrix© (GSK) DTaP-IPV-Hib: Pentaxim© (Sanofi-Pasteur) DTaP-IPV-HepB-Hib: Hexaxim© (Sanofi-Pasteur) DT
  • http://www.jonjot.com/product/asthma/ Asthma medical book | JonJot - Chapter 1: Definition of asthma Chapter 2: Pathophysiology of asthma Chapter 3: The aetiology of asthma Chapter 4: Prevalence of asthma Chapter 5: Symptoms of
  • http://www.jonjot.com/product/the-breast/ Breast medical books | JonJot - The breast develops from a thickening of this ectodermal layer in the developing foetus. This means that the breast is a skin accessory structure. This
  • http://www.jonjot.com/product/heart-disease-book/ Heart Disease Medical book | JonJot - In South Africa over eight hundred thousand people experience acute mycocardial infarction (AMI) of which two hundred thousand die and half do so before
  • http://www.jonjot.com/product/diabetes-update/ Diabetes updated medical book | JonJot - Diabetes mellitus has become a major health problem world-wide. The global prevalence is currently estimated at 350 million people and is set to increase,

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  • Leonard Woods - Good product, doesn't last long though

    This product did exactly what it said it would do. It removed unwanted hair quickly, painlessly and without an overwhelmingly bad odor. As a matter of fact, the smell was ok at first, but then became a little salon/chemical-ish, if you know what that smells like.

  • James Wright - I upgraded to this TV after walking into a Best Buy randomly to look at washer/dryers

    I upgraded to this TV after walking into a Best Buy randomly to look at washer/dryers, not knowing 4K existed, and being blown away by how far television technology had come since I was last on the market. I stood watching TV's for an hour, and had to have one. Luckily for me, I hadn't bought a TV for about 7 years, and upgraded from a cheap 32" Samsung that was only 720P.

  • Mina - Worth the money

    I honestly was so surprised to see so many one stars on this product. I purchased this item long time ago.. Maybe like four years ago from a store (not online) I think it was Ross.. and been happy with it ever since I got it! Great for any area you want to shave! HIGHLY recommend it. The light is a nice touch although I don't really use it. When you push the button up once it turns on and if you push it up one more time the light turns on.

  • Wendy L. Woods - Had to pick at the wick to fluff it up in order to light

    It worked fine on the first two burns. The third time I tried to use it, I couldn't light it at all, no matter how long I held a lighter to it. Even when I soaked the catalyst cap with lighter fluid and lit it on fire, it did not ignite. Then I remembered the very helpful video review, and I picked at the wick material to make it stick out about 2-3 mm, so that it might be closer to touching the inside of the catalyst cap. Then it lit right up. I think the wick had gotten pressed down a little from the squirt bottle tip during filling. I'm using a 5 oz bottle of Ronsonol lighter fluid which has a nice flip-top squirt tip -- much easier to use than the fill bucket.