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  • Kindle Customer - Totally captivating.

    Let me start this review by saying I don't read science fiction! However something caught my eye, perhaps the title, and I read the synopsis. I REALLY enjoyed this book. Exciting, thought provoking, intelligent, and oh so interesting. Even if you thought you didn't care for science fiction, I urge you to read this. You will never avoid science fiction again

  • J. Watson - Excellent

    Excellent book. After years away from math, I needed this book to help brush me up on the basics and teach me the GRE strategies. The explanation were clear and intuitive, and all of my math quickly came back. Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase.

  • jeanne brown - Not at all happy

    I first tried Restore 2 years ago. Loved it when I first finished, but as the summer went on and I noticed small sections started to peel away. I let it go until the following spring when whole deck was peeling. I called the company and they were very happy to supply me with more product to redo my deck. Took me ALL summer to peel and scrape everything off (25'x45').

  • Sashimoto - For shock value it hits the mark, but also reeks of poor taste: *** WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT

    For months like everyone else I've been squirming to discover the cliff hanger: who dies? Now that I've seen this episode I'm sorry I watched it.

  • Matthew - So genuine and personal, it's a must read.

    If you love Chip and Joanna Gaines this will only make you love them more. From the first page you feel their genuine personalities seep onto every page. The personal stories add so much context to their lives and why they do what they do. As i kept getting further into the book i simply could not put it down. By the end i just wanted to sit down with Chip and Joanna and have coffee.

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Fit in my Jeep Renegade Latitude like a glove, and appreciating their function immediately..winter is messy!

  • Barry Vista - Smells good and the wife loves it!

    This product is great - for hair at least. Right after my wife bought it I accidently squeezed some on toothbrush while not paying very close attention. Good for hair, but not for teeth. Won't do that it again. Shampoo is great for hair though.