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JL Suplementos - Loja de Suplementos em Natal - Loja de Suplementos e Camisetas Fitness em Natal RN. Confira dicas de como ganhar massa muscular.

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    City: 14.6724 Central Bohemia, Czechia

  • CPALawyer - Expect Trouble With Sage Products And Support

    Purchased Sage Peachtree Pro Accounting 2011. Out of the box there were technical problems, but all Sage support wants you to do is spend more money upgrading to complete or premium accounting

  • Joel Pieper - Perfect all-around spot treatment for sensitive skin!

    I have extremely sensitive skin, so it can be hard for me to find acne treatments that are effective, yet gentle enough to not irritate my skin. This product does exactly that! It has super gentle and natural ingredients, but that does not limit it's strength or effectiveness at all. It is by far, the best spot treatment I have used so far, and I have tried many different spot treatments. This product is different than any other product I've used before. I have tried gels, serums, and other creams, but they have only helped the slightest bit. Keeva acne treatment is definitely a cream consistency. It is very nice and moisturizing. It feels like a lotion.

  • cacalazani - Big Improvement

    Bought a brand new house, and the builder had installed a Badger 1. While it did the job, it was noisy (kind of like a badger). It also didn't grind up foods very well and frequently clogged the pipes under the sink. So after several years of having to take apart the plumbing to clear clogs (and my wife getting aggravated with a sink full of nasty water), I decided to look for a good two-stage disposer that would do a better job. This is the one. Since this disposer is physically larger than the Badger 1, it took me an afternoon to redo the pipes under the sink to make room for this disposer. While I could have reused the sink flange from my Badger, I opted to replace it with the shiny new flange that came with the Evolution. Quick note: If you have a solid surface sink (like Corian or similar), don't use plumber's putty - use clear silicone, so as not to discolor the Corian. The plumber that did the original installation had used silicone, and it took a while to scrape off the old stuff.

  • rootsnblues - Just what we were looking for

    Has provided peace of mind for us this winter as we'll be alerted when the power goes out. Works as described 100%.