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  • Paula Davis-Hodgkin - I like this game very much

    I like this game very much. It make you think, and work hard to do the game. I would tell my friends about the game.

  • Sajan Abraham - game changer

    I started with the smaller kreg jig that you would have to clamp and reclamp on to the wood to make pocket holes. This makes things so much more precise and easy. It allows me to get through my projects a lot faster. I like to call it dummy proof, but there's still a little thinking/planning involved when using it, but compared to my original jig, I'd say it's pretty dummy proof!

  • Kurt L. Rozek - Beautiful and Simple

    The key to using this great product is really good preparation. I used Simply Green cleaner (full strength) and some Scotch green scrubbing pads. I let the furniture dry for a couple days then I used 300 grit sandpaper and sanded every surface. I used mineral spirits on a rag to get off all of the fine dust. Using a foam brush I painted every surface and then double coated the most exposed surfaces. The project I was working on was a table and six chairs. The quart of stain/sealer did the whole thing.. What I really like were the compliments -- it looked great and the color is great. This dining set had not been previously refinished and was about eight years old. It looks brand new now.

  • Amazon Customer - Great

    As good or better than all of the other Vitamin C serums I have used before, and at a much better price. Very pleased with the product. Not at all oily.

  • Rigel - Sturdy, Reliable, Amazing.

    Maybe it's the fact that I haven't had a fully functional backpack for years, or maybe it's the ability to hold such a copious amount of material, but this backpack is very useful!!!

  • jonathan j wren - Awesome entry level road bike

    Awesome entry level road bike, if you are in the market for a bike but not sure is cycling is for you this is the bike to start off with. Awesome bike!!!! Highly recommended!!!

  • Alice Dixon - Does everything I need

    I got a new MacBook Pro, and the Office for Mac I had been using on my old G4 would not work on it. The price of the new one was very reasonable. Some functions turned out to be a bit different, of course, but it was relatively easy to make any changes through preferences and other means. Happily, Office works well with Apple's new operating system. For example, swiping two fingers upward on a Word, Excel or any other page actually moves that page upward. No more fussing with scroll bars. (I have to dumb myself down when I use my husband's old PC.) Some people may be upset with the new way Find works, but it is so much better. No dialog box. Just the search word at top right. Be sure to hit the ESC key when done.