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  • Cdy1989 - Decent Crockpot

    I've used this crockpot around 3 times since I've ordered it. It's worked very well so far, and hasn't overcooked or undercooked any food. I like that it turns to "Keep Warm" automatically after the cooking time has finished. It's very easy to program. The only thing I don't like is that the pot doesn't fit snug into the stainless steel holder. It slides around a little, which isn't a huge deal - I'd just feel better knowing that the pot is secured in there for traveling purposes. The lid fits well and locks down nicely. I'm curious to see how long the rubber sealing/gasket around the lid stays intact, though, as it seems a little cheap. Other than that, this crockpot has worked very well for me and I feel comfortable leaving it unattended.

  • Chuck Thomas - Simply the best.

    This stuff work incredibly good. Bonds are extremely strong and it sets pretty fast so you not holding things together forever waiting for it to dry. DO NOT GET THIS ON YOUR SKIN.

  • PuffDr4gon - Toyota owners be sure to get the longer pins!

    Love the concept of the hitchsafe. Installment, fit and finish were all easy and took me about 10 mins to install; mostly to decide which spacer pads to use. The locking mechanism and pins to hold it into the hitch seem solid and well made. I feel secure knowing I will not get locked out of my vehicle in the middle of the Catskill mountains after loosing my keys on the river, with no cell phone service, just as the sun is setting after a long day of fly fishing! That happened to me and I had to walk 2 hours home uphill before seeing the first car! This little guy houses my spare set and will make sure I'm never locked out again! Thanks for the inventive idea! 4 stars only because I had to buy longer pins for the Toyota and now have a useless pair of pins sitting on my desk.

  • Crystal K. - Love this game

    My 8 year old loves all the lego video games. This one is probably his favorite. He likes being able to play both Jurassic Park and Jurrasic World. I love it because it's age appropriate. He also likes the Lego version video clips of each movie. His favorite part is being able to play as Raptors (as well as Characters from the movie). It's a great game with lots of variety!

  • Joshua Little - It is not worth the money. Cheap. The ...

    It is not worth the money. Cheap. The material covers the volume buttons and hard to push causing damage to iPad buttons over the course of a month.

  • Team Cloud - Great product. Worth the price.

    You name it, I've tried it for dark under eye circles. I have had them since I was a child and was so self conscious because I was always asked if I got enough sleep or if I was sick. I tried the cream foundation for the first time today and I have to say I was pretty impressed. It covered my dark circles and lasted all day. I had to apply with my finger tips as it did not work as well with the sponge. It is not a miracle, but it is the best concealer I have used.