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Home - Janssen Aannemers - Uw (ver)bouw begint bij ons! Van prachtige villa’s tot grote bedrijfspanden en aanbouw, verbouw of renovatie.

  • http://www.janssenaannemers.nl/schuilen-in-bij-de-baron/ Schuilen bij de Baron - Janssen Aannemers - In de Efteling bouwden wij bij de Baron verschillende schuilhuisjes waar je beschut staat tegen wind en regen. Of tegen wind en zon natuurlijk.

    Country:, Europe, NL

    City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • David - Works great! Easy setup

    Plugged it in, looked at the instruction disk on how to get in to setup. Set up 2 wireless networks, logged on to the network and checked my speed. I was hitting 30Mbps on a 31Mbps network. No problems. I would like the ability to set a bandwidth limit on the second network, I don't see that I can do that on this product, but it was a good deal.

  • DrZgembo - Can't Record while camera is plugged in.

    Good Basic Camcorder for the need... The Question and Answer section is misleading. Seller indicates you can record while the battery is charging... that is not the case. Recording is not possible while the camera is plugged in

  • Gary - Cool

    I've taken a few pictures and a few videos with it so far. The image quality is awesome. I have yet to take any underwater shots, but I do plan to stick in a glass of water for some creative stuff. Then it is set to be mounted on my motorcycle for fun

  • KatieR - Excellent choice for a diffuser for your child!

    I have two other diffusers at home, one from a name brand oil company and another off brand such as the viva. I got this diffuser for my son who was very jealous of my personal one by my bedside. He was very excited when it arrived. It arrived VERY quickly with amazon prime and was nicely packaged and the packaging was perfect, bright, and vibrant.

  • Jdoggy - GFCI outlet tester, just what I needed

    Doing some receptacle replacements in the house, this was exactly what I needed to verify the circuits were all functioning as they should. Can't put a price on safety really but this cheap little item gave me the confidence to tackle the job knowing I had power correct and that the GFI protection was ready to do its job. I also used it to check all the exterior receptacles around the house. Definitely got my money's worth and have a nifty tool in the box for the next time.

  • Troy Olson - Bottom ripped out

    We used our two times, bottom mesh ripped in one spot then completely ripped making it useless, paid close to $400 and cannot find any way to repair the mesh bottom

  • MightyMo - I like this book so far and it's very well put ...

    I like this book so far and it's very well put together and organized. I guess I will update this review after I take the test.