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MSc Integrated Urbanism & Sustainable Design (IUSD) | Home - The MSc Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design aims to train a new generation of experts and decision-makers to face the tremendous environmental, cultural and social challenges resulting from the rapid urbanisation and ongoing societal transformation currently taking place in the Middle East and North Africa. In studying IUSD students acquire skills to develop integrated, trans-disciplinary solutions, which combine ecology-oriented engineering with a social approach to the design of landscapes and buildings, urban planning and urban management.The Masters Programme is hosted by the University of Stuttgart in collaboration with Ain Shams University Cairo and is open to graduates and young professionals from the fields of Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Regional Planning and Civil Engineering. Professionals with Bachelor degrees in Geography, Sociology and Cultural Studies, Political Science or Economics with relevant professional experience will also be accepted.

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  • D Horn - These are fantastic! Fit perfectly on my 2016 F250

    These are fantastic! Fit perfectly on my 2016 F250 ... No drilling required. Look great, high quality and at a great price ... Would recommend!!

  • SavannahLady - I was right. As a customer, I will never get my hair bleached in a salon after reading this. Scary lack of important information

    I'm a consumer, not a hair stylist. For the life of me, I could not figure out why almost every single time I went to the salon to get my roots bleached, they kept fumbling and bumbling like clowns and burning areas or clumps of hair off, or frying my hair so that it disintegrated shortly after the appointment, then would act snotty or yell at me that they went to beauty school and know everything, so they could not ever do anything wrong. Whereas, nothing bad has ever happened at all when I bleach my hair myself at home neatly & carefully according to the directions on the package.. So I was convinced that they must not be hardly learning anything in beauty school about hair bleaching, and I ordered this book to do some detective work and find out for myself. I was right! This book has 1120 pages, but only TWO pages about how to use bleach lightener, and those two pages contain scarcely any informative or important information. It is outdated information that appears to be from 20 years ago, saying old fashioned things like "powder lighteners should never touch the scalp, but there might be new versions of powder lightener nowadays that can touch the scalp".

  • ELBERT BERNSTEIN - It works very well, does nothing to the paint ...

    It works very well, does nothing to the paint... Go around the decal edges with a Q-Tip, after a few minutes the decal will lift off, then spray on paper towel and wipe off the area. I did 2 cars a 2014 Chevrolet Sonic and 2008 Honda Element, no problems...

  • B. Odom - Bought it anyway

    Despite all the negative reviews, I bought 2013 after using 2010 for a few years. There have been a few issues that took some effort on my part to figure out. It seems that most users are expecting too much for software at this price. After a lot of research, I was unable to find any other program in this price range. And there are some improvements over the older versions. It is still obvious that the programers building the program have never owned rental properties. Still works better for me that a spread sheet. Until there is a reasonable alternative, I will still use and recommend Rental Property Manager. I gave it a four star because there really is nothing else out there in this price range.

  • Jonathan - Good upgrade

    Got this for the good price. I was pleasantly surprise to get it and does exactly what I wanted to do and more very good looking easy installation. Looks and work amassing very high to recommend buying this product

  • Phantasmagoria - Improved graphics and sound

    The ridiculous rhythms offered up in the latest Just Dance can be a challenge on harder settings. The Wii U pad is used to DJ the session allowing switching of songs midway etc. You do need Wii Remotes to play this game at all as they are the only method of control. The songlist is decidedly up to date with many current chart toppers that will appeal to the tween and teen set. There aren't enough old school disco type jams for my taste but the songs are aimed at appealing to the games demographic most. There is a free DLC of Katy Perry's Roar moves. The sound is great through a home theater set up and the graphics look extra sharp and vibrant on the Wii U. These games could use a makeover but for now it will please the dance game fanatic in your house.