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  • E. Saburi - Fantastic antenna - compact yet fully functional

    if you are like me, you don't care for the stock antenna that comes with the FJ Cruiser. It snags, protrudes and is unsightly. The Stubby is the perfect solution and is a decent price to boot. 30 seconds to install! Highly recommended.

  • Jesse Allen - The earbuds themselves fix securely onto the ear after adjusting the size.

    When I first picked the earphones out of the packaging, I was worried that the wire connecting the ear pieces together would be too short, but they ended up fitting very comfortably and loosely around the back of my head. The earbuds themselves fix securely onto the ear after adjusting the size. They come with three different sizes of earbuds - small, medium and large, so the sizing can be changed. Overall, when wearing the earphones, they are comfortable and easy to put on.

  • coeurdelion - Excellent for obtaining muscle strength and flexibility.

    I'm impressed. Chair is very sturdy and well built. Great for people who want an alternative to other exercise equipment. You sit down for most exercises. Definitely keeps muscles toned and better than when in a weak condition. Arm muscles are no longer sore when stretching. I actually enjoy exercising every day.

  • al-Halabi - Learn to haggle westerners.

    It's a pretty good product but you people apparently don't know how to haggle. I got the entire set like 10 different items for under $100 in the mall kiosk. How? Haggling. I'm from Jerusalem so they know it when I go to them, they know not to try and bs me. the says ohhhh its 129 but 80 for you and say 25 which he laughs at but doesn't end it there. He insists 80 but I say 35 he says hes my friend blah blah blah I say were from the same place blah blah blah. He says you know what? I like you 50 so I say 25. He tells me the computer wont allow 25. We settle on 3 of the socalled "$130 items" + soap for a grand total of $50. Then I go to the other kiosk (my locl mall has 3 because americans don't know how to haggle) and do the same for the complete set.

  • B. Wood - I've been through 5 containers of this

    I really had faith in the product. But overall, I've noticed no difference. I now have heart palpitations, which I've never had before. I can't blame them on this product, but 2 days off of it and I have noticed a major decrease in them.

  • Amy K. Stillman - And I love how their two voices are blended in the text

    This is a must read for all Fixer Upper fans. I was surprised at how inspirational it is. And I love how their two voices are blended in the text. I am watching re-runs today with new appreciation for their authenticness.

  • Nisi - Do not waste your time

    Do not waste your time. Go with No No! You don't want to use a blade on your face. Trust me!! Not Good!