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  • Dale Krispin - Wall mounts are an interesting thing - sometimes they're easy to set up and install

    Wall mounts are an interesting thing - sometimes they're easy to set up and install... other times, you're wondering why you are putting this much effort into watching TV...

  • Roonil Wazlib - Worked for me!

    I had dyed my hair 3 times with Loreal Feria in Power Violet. It was fading out (it was basically red) and I wanted to go back to my normal color which is medium brown. However when I tried dying my hair with a brown shade of Feria, it didn't take; there was still so much red in my hair! I tried this product hoping it would take the red out of my hair so I can use another box dye to get the brown color I want.

  • Busy Mom - Great Fun!

    A lot of fun! These were a big hit at my son's birthday party. The LED lights are attached to the balloon opposite the part you blow them up from - they are attached with a small rubberband on the outside that goes around the the switch of the LED light. You press the switch and light blings fast - press it again and it is a slower bling and press it a third time and it is a solid light. But what I discovered is really cool that you can attach them to another balloon! We had a balloon pop so I removed the light and dropped it into another balloon - used a string to tie the balloon around the switch and it worked perfectly! I'm not sure how long the lights will actually last in terms of hours left on but I am happy that just because the balloon gave out does not mean we can't reuse the lights! I hope you find this review helpful. If so, please mark it as helpful below so others can find it easier.

  • K. Hilliard - Thank goodness!

    I have been dying my hair for about 14 years. Naturally I have medium/dark brown hair and I dye it various shades of browns for years now to give my hair some good color instead of being such a plain brown. Anyway I recently got the bright idea to dye it BLACK. It looked decent but I could not get used to it and just felt so ugly. It was much too bold for my taste. I look best with red and gold tones in my hair. After about 3 days of being miserable with it and getting a few negative reactions I started searching for a way to change it, figuring that I'd have to live with it for months to come. Came across color oops and went to Walgreens immediately and bought 2 boxes (I have medium thick hair past my boobs). I figured at $9.99 per box it would be very worth it. I followed all directions, rinsed my hair profusely (about 25 minutes but with my long thick hair I probably should have rinsed more), washed twice followed by rinsing, then conditioned it and was pretty amazed that my hair was magically back to the color it was before I dyed it black!! Actually I think it was a bit lighter, but it has continued to darken into a nice rich dark brown with a nice red tone and some gold highlights. I actually really love it. It's the color I usually aim for when I dye it.... Anyway, it works!! Follow directions and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.

  • Stacy Krahn - This is the best

    I got this, and have used it. The gear works with everything that has retractable gear, the lights work only if the A/C has it. So if its there it works. So, if your flying a jet the starter isn't going to do anything same with the cowl flaps. Those only work on piston aircraft anyway.

  • like to shop - We love this seat

    We love this seat. It is wide and very comfortable. My son falls asleep in his chair within the first 5 minutes in the car. I would have liked a second cup/snack holder on the other side, but it's just a convenience preference. I do have one problem with this particular model: for now I'm using it as a rear-facing seat and I have an older car, which doesn't have the child designated hooks to clip into, so I loop the backseat seat belt through the seat and secure it so. No problems there. However, I needed to move this seat into my parent's car, which is a 2014 Honda CRV, which does have the designated clips to clip the child seat into and it seemed that the strap of the seat is not long enough, it is several inches too short to secure the clips on both sides (when in rear-facing mode). I compared this pria 70 with my pria 85 and this strap is a lot shorter and doesn't give you the option to extend it. For example, in the pria 85, the belt is very long, so you can comfortably snap both clips and pull the end until its tight, securing the entire seat. In the pria 70 model, the belt does not have the option to give slack and therefore is impossible to clip in. I will stop by a local Buy Buy Baby this weekend to see if their version has the same issue, or whether it is just this particular seat sold through this seller on Amazon.

  • Lindsey - Lifesavers! highly recommend them to any other women who may have the same issue I did

    I went on a search for a product to help me with an embarrassing problem. I have been low carb dieting for a couple of months when I noticed that I had a different more pungent smell down there, this is not an easy topic for me to discuss but it became noticeable even to my husband. I purchased these and have been taking them for about 4 months now and although I used to have a smell that was similar to and armpit sweat type of aroma I am back to normal now and I credit that mosty to these probiotic pills. I have never had an issue until I was on a low carb diet case you're wondering and your smell changed if you're eating less carbs your body's bacteria change so you need to get the yeast to bacteria ratio back online and these pills work wonders I highly recommend them if you have embarrassing problem that I did.