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  • https://www.infopier.sg/scssplashawards/2016 Splash Awards 2016 - InfoPier.sg - Organized by the Singapore Computer Society, the Splash Awards is a national Infocomm competition for students ranging from secondary schools to tertiary institutions. It provides a platform to engage students through various aspects of Infocomm technology in a fun and creative way. Jointly organized with Singtel and in partnership with HP and National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), the competition focuses on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship through the development of mobile and web applications.
  • https://www.infopier.sg/scssplashawards/2014 Splash Awards 2014 - InfoPier.sg - SG50 App Development Contest gives you the opportunity to design your very own app and pit your skills against other talents.

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  • Charlie Estes - I really liked it, didn't have a lotion - y feel ...

    I really liked it, didn't have a lotion - y feel too it but it moisturized my tattoo really well and turned out looking really good, after my 1st tattoo got infected, I got nervous on what I needed to put on it so I spent a little extra and got after inked after I read all the good reviews on here. And I was very happy with my purchase. I will be ordering more when I run out!

  • FictionalizedTruth - Not perfect...but better than normal biotene mouthwash

    This mouthwash does one thing fairly well, it helps remove the tartar buildup that occurs from chronic dry mouth on teeth, and the white buildup I get on my tongue. I think in the long run it might help prevent dental problems associated with dry mouth.

  • dirty dan - Great all in one product for recovery!

    I've been a fan of Muscletech for years. I've tried many different supplements and most don't do anything, I'd get better results from placebos. I usually use Celltech for gaining muscle, and on average gain 10 lbs per cycle of 3-4 months but figured I'd try a protein supplement this time. This has Anabolic Halo has creatine and protein and all the other BCAAs and what not I need so I didn't need 10 bottles of pills and bottles. I feel great the next day after lifting heavy and recover 4 times faster and almost no soreness after working out which is amazing. Now I am able to work the same muscle group more often and am seeing small results already after a couple weeks. I only wish is had a couple more grams of Creatine and maybe a little more protein per serving so I use 2 scoops because I am 6'4 200 lbs so it's a little hard for me to get enough protein and calories, as I am a hard gainer. So basically a container only last 2 weeks so I subscribed to 2 bottles per month, but those are my only complaints. I expect 90% of products aren't made for people my size so I'm used to it.

  • Roberta Lynn Mesarachik - resistance chair has no resistance

    I bought this chair for my mother and it is lame. I tried to return it but the restock charges were 40% of original cost plus the company will then charge you the shipping......try another kind of exercise equipment and save yourself the trouble.