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- Indiana SBIRT @ IU - The Indiana SBIRT initiative aims to integrate SBIRT as a standard of care throughout Indiana. Located at Indiana University (IU Bloomington), we provide training and technical assistance to health care centers and providers.

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  • LC FULTS JR - ok this is the real thing so much better to use then the neti pot i have been ...

    ok this is the real thing so much better to use then the neti pot i have been using for the last 5 years the only down side i have found is sometimes it hard to get the suction started on it found the cure for that push in the switch half way like it says to do then take a quick breath of air thru your nose in other word just breath in a small breath of air thru your nose then you feel the suction.i also have found a way to use my own soultion thru this machine too i give it 5 stars it that good alot better then the old neti pot

  • Amazon Customer - Best sand filter for the money

    Works great. I was skeptical to get rid of my stainless steel antiquated sand filter but I'm glad I did. This one holds 100 pounds more sand and cleans much better. I been using it one year now with no complaints. Works as good as the Hayward and other name brands. I've had no problems at all.

  • Vince Spallino - I'll stick to eating healthy and exercise because clearly it works better for my body specifically

    Bought this in the hopes of shedding some weight that I put on before heading back home for the holidays. Based on prior experience, I know my body very well. When I'm as heavy as I am right now, and I eat right an exercise, I can lose ~1lb per day, give or take, and that's after eating about 1,600 calories plus an intense workout. I've lost 80lbs before and weighing myself everyday proved this. Obviously the heavier you are, the quicker you lose weight. For example, In a given day someone who weighs 130lbs won't lose as much as someone who weighs 200lbs. I've also heard ALL the info about your body going into "starvation mode", etc.. trust me, I was a personal trainer and researched nutrition a lot. Just because I know the right information doesn't mean I'm going to follow it. Based on my previous efforts I know what my body is capable of, and I know that not eating all day and living off juice for 48 hours HAS TO result in weight loss right? Well not with this product. I'm not sure what happened but I was extremely frustrated after using 2 bottles. After the first 48 hours I lost no weight. Nothing. Starved myself for 2 WHOLE DAYS and didn't lose a single pound. I thought maybe it was a fluke so I took a week off from the juice and instead ate healthy and exercised and I lost 3lbs Started back up on the juice a week later and again, no weight loss after 24 hours so I just gave up. It's SO FRUSTRATING to give something 100%, not eat for 2 days, and then see literally no results. Anyway I ended up returning the remainder of the juice because I'm not doing it again. I'll stick to eating healthy and exercise because clearly it works better for my body specifically. I did however very much like the taste of this.. it's a bit pineappley. And it curbed my hunger for about 1 hour after I drank each of the 4 servings throughout the day.

  • Justpeachy85 - My New Must Have

    I've been hearing a bunch of hoopla over this product on Youtube and just never thought my hair needed this amount of moisture. Well, my hair has been super dry as of late and normal hair conditioners just aren't working for me anymore. I decided to give this a try and I'm hooked. I use it about 3 times a week as conditioner and if my hair is feeling dry in-between that I'll add a little bit to my regular conditioner to bump up the moisture power. So far my hair has thanked me for this purchase. I can comb my hair without tangles when I use this product which is amazing.

  • G. Dawson - Another great collection

    I love this collection, and I read it almost every year. Some years are better than others, and I think this is one of the good ones. There are stories by classic short story authors like Joyce Carol Oates (I think she's in almost annual every collection) and TC Boyle and also by some contemporary big names (like Joshua Ferris and Karen Russell). As usual, many of the stories were previously published in The New Yorker, Granta, and The Paris Review. But what I liked most about this collection is that it introduced me to some new authors (OA Lindsey and Molly McNett, for example) that published their stories in less main stream publications.

  • Kyle English - Nice solid case

    Nice solid case. I like how it holds the cards - they fit in very snugly and slide out super easy. It can hold my ID, a credit card with flat numbers and a 3rd credit card with raised numbers. Do not think it would hold 2 credit cards with raised numbers but it might.

  • Lalivre - Highly scented with perfume!

    The night time wrinkle cream is highly scented with perfume and causes eyes to water and sneezing. why is it necessary for a night cream to contain perfume!? If you have sensitive skin or sensitive to perfumes do not buy this product.