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  • Jessica - I like it

    I have long curly hair and this cleansing conditioner makes my hair soft without the frizzes. I workout and sweat badly, but it cleans my hair well. I can use this product only (no additional shampoo or conditioner) for about 4-5 days before I have to use a shampoo, but then I condition with it.

  • Amazon Customer - Finally!!

    Finally something that works! I have struggled with chronic BV for the last 5 years. After two weeks of taking this I noticed a huge difference and now I feel like I have my life back! If you have struggled like I have give it a try it may work for you too!!

  • Chicago rider - Some great stories

    Having read a half dozen of these stories, I am happy already to have purchased this book. Especially enjoyed the perspective and great writing.

  • yogagirl13 - Lock offs need to be replaced

    The first seat that arrived was broken (the button that adjusts the headrest). The replacement seemed perfect till I attempted to install it using the lock offs. I had no issue closing the lock offs but when I jiggled the seat back and forth they would pop open. This happened every time, and with not much force at all. The belt was perfectly flat and under all 4 little tabs as instructed. I wrote Clek and they are sending me replacement lock offs. I have a locking seatbelt system so according to the manual I do not need to use the lock offs, but the officer who installed my prior seat said its always safe to do so. I like the seat but feel like this is a bit of a hassle.

  • Kels - no results

    I should have known better and done a little more research. I've used other products which not only work, but you have to stop using the product because your eyelashes hit your sunglasses!! But I saw the price and read a couple of reviews online (obviously these were sponsored reviews) and thought I'd give it a shot! It does NOT work at all. I do not have longer or thicker eyelashes and I have used it every night for over 4 weeks. This product simply does not work. Save your money. From my experience, I've tried NeuLash and Latisse, both work great.

  • Amazon Customer - ... ends are not the same legnth front and back like they where on my 1998

    The ends are not the same legnth front and back like they where on my 1998. So when i put the kayak carriers on, they where offset by a few inches. Other than that they are great

  • Heather Brown - Dry nostril relief!

    One of the previous reviews indicated the box does not state the box advertises relief from congestion, yet rates it poorly because it did not provide relief from congestion. I take issue with this, and I wanted to relate my own experience.