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IIPRD - Patent Support And Technology Consulting - A Global Services and Consulting Firm providing complete Intellectual Property services including Patent and IP Litigation Support, IP Commercialization, and IP Licensing/Technology Transfer Services.

  • http://www.iiprd.com/prosecution-support/ Patent Prosecution Support - IIPRD - Patent Prosecution support : We provide exceptional patent prosecution support services with the help of our team having immense knowledge and experience in prosecuting patent applications across various jurisdictions. 
  • http://www.iiprd.com/prosecution-support/patent-preparation-support/ Patent Drafting/Preparation Support - IIPRD - Patent Drafting/Preparation : IIPRD provides trusted and customized patent preparation solutions. We have an intelligent team of patent drafters who have drafted several patents for leading IP law agencies and fortune 500 companies. 
  • http://www.iiprd.com/prosecution-support/patent-filing-and-docketing/ Patent Filing in India - IIPRD - IIPRD offers excellent services of patent filing in India. We have a professional team and useful patent management tools to assist in maintaining and taking effective actions to meet deadlines pertaining to patent filing in India. 
  • http://www.iiprd.com/search-mapping/ Patent Search- Mapping Analysis Support - IIPRD - IIPRD specialist patent search team support clients in performing many different types of patent searches including novelty Searches, Validity/Invalidity Searches, Infringement Searches and much more. Get in touch now.
  • http://www.iiprd.com/search-mapping/validityinvalidity-searches/ Patent Validity/Invalidity Search - IIPRD - At IIPRD, we are competent in undertaking patent validity search projects. We carry an extensive search of patents and other available written materials appropriate to the patented invention. Call us with your requirements today. 
  • http://www.iiprd.com/search-mapping/freedom-to-operate-ftoclearence-searches/ Freedom To Operate (FTO)/Clearence Searches - IIPRD - Freedom to Operate Search : IIPRD excels in conducting Freedom to Operate Searches. We can help you lessen the risk of patent litigation and maximize competitive strength. Call us now for more information. 
  • http://www.iiprd.com/search-mapping/infringement-analysis/ Patent Infringement Claim Chart - IIPRD - Patent Infringement Claim Chart : Our expert team at IIPRD specializes in patent infringement analysis and prepares reports by preparing Claim Charts.  Contact us.
  • http://www.iiprd.com/research-and-analytics-support/ Patent Research and Analytics Support - IIPRD - Patent Research/Analytics : Our expert team offers Patent Research/Analytics Support to our clients. They rapidly recognize the objective and help clients with great solutions. Contact us for effective Patent Research/Analytics Support services now.
  • http://www.iiprd.com/research-and-analytics-support/patent-and-ip-landscape/ Patent Landscape - IIPRD - Patent Landscape - Our team performs data analysis to generate a patent landscape that helps clients to identify latest and competitive technological trends.

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  • Mark Bertolet - Well made but not as easy as they try to make it look.

    While the basic principle involved seems very smart, there are several drawbacks which became apparent once I started trying to use this device. The first is that it is not as simple to learn to use as the promotional material makes it seem. It is not very quick, or easy, to get this device strapped on, and though not uncomfortable to wear, it was awkward to try and sit down while strapped into this, and once you are sitting the leg portion protrudes way out in front of you. It is impossible to get into any car/truck with it on, necessitating removing it and putting it back on each time you enter/exit the vehicle. Also, you need to have very good balance and coordination to safely use this crutch, and it is rather like riding a racing bike with pedal straps. You are strapped in, and should you start to lose your balance, you cannot just "bail" out of this device, so that if you do fall, further injury is quite possible.. All that said, if you are young, and fit, and coordinated (as the gal in the promotional pitures obviously is) this device could be just the answer for you, to allow you to do activities that require the use of you hands, and to go up and down steps more easily, something you cannot do with traditional crutches, or walkers, or knee scooters. If you have to get by without weight bearing on your foot/lower leg this may work for you. It is well made, sturdy, and comfortable to wear, all other shortcomings aside.

  • Amazon Customer - best product

    this product has given me a perfect nice glowing skin. it has helped resolved my acne scars and other problems. when i woke up it made my skin feel very hydrated and moisturized. it's not to thick but not to thin at the same time.

  • Diancatzdogz - Glitch ruins the software for me

    I was doing my taxes and got the whole way to the end and did the error checking and everything was fine. I printed it out and a small sale of stocks did not transfer to the 1040 so I went in and checked again. The sale doesn't even show up in the summary of income. emailed support in case i did anything wrong and I did nothing wrong so I called H&R and it is a glitch and I am still waiting for their techs to call me!! to fix it (I was told that someone would call me in 1 -2 days), I am going to call again Monday and tell them I want a refund of this garbage. I have never had a problem with taxcut other than some language that was hard to understand but this is unacceptable. I surely don't want to be audited because of their glitch, I don't need the stress of preparing for it.