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Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans | PA | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Independence Blue Cross offers affordable health insurance plans for individuals and families throughout Pennsylvania (PA). Shop and compare plans!

  • https://www.ibx4you.com/about_health_insurance/index.html Learn About Changes in Health Care | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Learn about the basics of health insurance, changes with the new Health Care Law, and what you need to know before shopping for coverage in Pennsylvania.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/about_health_insurance/health_insurance_basics.html Health Insurance Basics | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Use our health insurance guide to learn what health insurance is, how paying for health insurance works, and why it's important for you and your family.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/about_health_insurance/how_to_shop_for_health_plans.html How To Shop For Health Insurance Plans | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Shopping for health insurance is much easier when you know what questions to ask. Use this guide to help you find a health plan.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/about_health_insurance/open_enrollment.html 2017 Open Enrollment | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Use this illustrated guide to learn when and how to enroll for health insurance during Open Enrollment and other important insurance shopping considerations.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/about_health_insurance/health_care_law.html Health Care Law Overview | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Learn about the Affordable Care Act, also known as the health care law, including changes and how it affects your health insurance plan options.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/about_health_insurance/subsidy_calculator.html Subsidy Calculator for 2017 | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Use our subsidy calculator to find out if you are eligible for a health insurance subsidy. A subsidy can help make coverage more affordable.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/health_plans/index.html Shop & Compare Health Insurance Plans | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Shop health insurance plans and compare coverage options from Independence Blue Cross by costs and benefits that matter most to you. Get started now!
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/health_plans/compare_health_insurance_plans.html Compare Health Insurance Plans | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Use our step-by-step shopping experience to compare health plans and estimated health care coverage costs from Independence Blue Cross. It's quick and easy!
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/health_plans/keystone_hmo_proactive_plans.html Keystone HMO Proactive Plans | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Keystone HMO Proactive health insurance plans from Independence Blue Cross allow you to save on your cost of care when you choose Tier 1 or 2 providers.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/health_plans/personal_choice_ppo_reserve_plans.html Personal Choice PPO Bronze Reserve Plan (HSA) | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Choose a PPO Reserve health plan that saves you money now and in the future when you open a tax-advantaged health savings account (HSA).
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/health_plans/keystone_hmo_plans.html Keystone HMO Plans | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Choose a health plan that gives you in-network coverage and lets you pick a primary care physician to coordinate your care. Shop Keystone HMO plans!
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/health_plans/personal_choice_ppo_plans.html Personal Choice PPO and EPO Health Plans | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - The Independence Blue Cross Personal Choice PPO and EPO health plans give you in- and out-of-network coverage and the freedom to see any specialist without a referral.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/health_plans/catastrophic_plan.html Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Our catastrophic insurance plan provides 'just in case' coverage and is available for people under 30 or those who qualify for an exemption.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/health_plans/specialty_services/index.html Dental, Vision and Travel Insurance | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Learn about the additional health insurance benefits you can get at Independence Blue Cross, such as Dental, Vision, and Travel Insurance.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/health_plans/health_and_wellness.html Health and Wellness Programs | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Members get access to health and wellness programs, including fitness discounts, reimbursements and coupons to help you make healthy choices.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/shop_health_plans/index.html Shop for a Health Plan | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Get a health insurance quote, enroll for a new 2017 health insurance plan with Independence Blue Cross, or change your current plan for 2016.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/shop_health_plans/special_enrollment.html Special Enrollment and Life Events | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - You can obtain health care coverage outside of open enrollment if you have a qualifying life event. Learn about the special life events and see if you qualify.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/shop_health_plans/qualifying_life_events.html Qualifying Life Event Guide | Independence Blue Cross - Use our guide to find out if and when your life event qualifies you to enroll for an Independence Blue Cross health plan outside of open enrollment.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/faq/index.html Common Questions About Health Insurance | IBX - Independence Blue Cross provides answers to the most common questions about health insurance plans for individuals and families. Search our FAQ section.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/contact_us/index.html Customer Support | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Contact information for Independence Blue Cross. We're here to help answer your health insurance questions and to support you as you shop for a health plan.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/legal/index.html Legal Information | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Independence Blue Cross provides Terms and Conditions that govern your use of the website.
  • https://www.ibx4you.com/privacy/index.html Privacy Practices | Independence Blue Cross (IBX) - Independence Blue Cross provides privacy information and documentation related to HIPAA and the website's privacy policy.

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