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HVCS | promoting a better quality of life - HVCS provides a continuum of care and a stabilizing presence for people who live with complex, chronic health issues.

  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/donate/ Donate | HVCS - Show your support for Hudson Valley residents living with chronic diseases. Donate online (see below) Donate by mail Download our Donation Form
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/client/ Become A Client | HVCS - Hudson Valley Community Services offers a wide variety of services and support for people with chronic conditions or those at high risk for conditions such as
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/locations/ Locations | HVCS - Westchester County HVCS Headquarters 40 Saw Mill River Road Hawthorne, NY 10532 Tel: (914) 345-8888 Fax: (914) 785-8299 Dutchess County 40 Garden
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/mission-statement/ Mission Statement | HVCS - HVCS’ mission is to promote prevention and wellness for all people, to encourage life-affirming decisions maximizing their quality of life, and to coordinate
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/board-of-directors/ Board of Directors | HVCS - Andrew S. Evans, MPH President Nominating Committee Michael J. Hall, MA Vice President Chair, Program Committee Andrew Bell Treasurer Chair, Finance
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/annual-report/ Annual Report | HVCS - Download our latest Annual Report in PDF format: HVCS' Annual Report 2015. You may request a physical copy of this report by email, phoning (914) 785-8326 or
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/privacy-policy/ Privacy Policy | HVCS - HVCS places a high priority on protecting your privacy. This privacy policy was created in order to demonstrate HVCS’ firm commitment to the privacy of our
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/aidswalk/ Hudson Valley AIDS Walk | HVCS - All the latest information the Hudson Valley's largest fundraiser for HIV/AIDS services and prevention.
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/hairdressersball/ Hairdressers Ball Charity Hair Show | HVCS - Thanks to the hundreds of people who made the 2016 Hairdressers Ball Charity Hair Show a success! Check out the Facebook page for the latest photos, videos and
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/special-events/ Special Events | HVCS - UPCOMING EVENTS Drag Brunch - April 2016 - more details to come! Hudson Valley AIDS Walk & Run - Saturday, May 7, 2016 Hairdressers' Disco Ball &
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/thirty/ HVCS' 30th Anniversary Party | HVCS - HVCS celebrates thirty years of service to those living with chronic illness in the Hudson Valley...and you're invited to the festivities!
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/programs-at-a-glance/ Programs At a Glance | HVCS - For more specific information on each program, please explore the various programs' pages under the "Services Offered" menu.      
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/healthhome/ Health Home Care Management at HVCS | HVCS - A service model where all of the professionals involved in your care communicate so that all your needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner.
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/health-home-referral-form/ Health Home Referral Form | HVCS -   Service Providers: You may download a blank PDF copy of our Health Home referral form for use in your office. Health Home Referral Form - PDF
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/case-management-and-client-advocacy/ Case Management and Client Advocacy - Chronic Illnesses | HVCS - We work with local individuals living with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, obesity, COPD, liver issues, heart disease etc and coordinate their
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/transportation/ Transportation | HVCS - Transportation Services: The limited amount of public transportation in our vast seven-county region creates a huge obstacle for clients. In order to stay
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/medical-benefits-specialists/ Medical Benefits Specialists | HVCS - Whether you're HIV-positive or not, HVCS can help connect you with available health services and insurance coverage. If you're HIV-negative HVCS offers Health
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/housing-assistance/ Housing Assistance | HVCS - HVCS’ Housing Program provides housing-related assistance for HIV-positive clients anywhere in the seven-county Hudson Valley region as part of a continuum of
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/leap/ Behavioral Health Education (LEAP) for HIV+ Individuals | HVCS - Project LEAP is a behavioral health education program aimed at assisting individuals with HIV/AIDS achieve and maintain their optimum health and well being.
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/noep/ NOEP Food Stamp Outreach Program | HVCS - Stay Healthy with SNAP The primary goal of Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (NOEP) is to increase the number of eligible people participating in the
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/thrives/index.html THRIVES Nutrition Program at HVCS: Home - THRIVES is a nutritional program for HIV positive, income eligible people in Orange, Sullivan and Ulster Counties, New York
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/emergency-food-closets/ Emergency Food Closets | HVCS - Emergency Food Closets: HVCS distributes nearly 6,000 bags of nutritious food to clients annually. We also provide basic toiletries and household cleansers when
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/support-groups/ Support Groups | HVCS - Support Groups: Our support groups are designed to provide a safe, supportive environment where clients can work through obstacles and express feelings with the
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/prison-services/ Prison Services | HVCS - HVCS' Prison Services Program has been in existence since 1989. In 1991 HVCS began working with correctional facilities to develop the Prisoners for AIDS
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/hiv-testing/ HIV, STI and Hepatitis C Testing | HVCS - HVCS offers confidential, free HIV testing, sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings, and hepatitis C testing if you meet our prerequisites and live in
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/hiv-prevention-services/ Free, Confidential HIV Testing at HVCS | HVCS - Free, confidential HIV, STI and hepatitis C screenings offered by HVCS' programs throughout the Hudson Valley.
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/expanded-syringe-access-program-esap/ Expanded Syringe Access Program (ESAP) | HVCS - In 2000, the New York State Legislature changed the Public Health Law to authorize a demonstration program to expand access to sterile hypodermic needles and
  • http://www.hudsonvalleycs.org/prep/ PrEP | HVCS - At high risk for HIV infection? Learn about PrEP for HIV prevention and access Hudson Valley resources to go on and stay on it.

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    I bought this one for my daughter after she tried mine and found it helped her to relax her shoulders which helped her headache go away. You can put the pads in many areas on your body just read the instructions on where not to put them.

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  • S. Young - Wonderful Program!

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