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HME News Business Summit - The must-attend conference for HME providers - Over the past 11 years, the HME News Business Summit has established itself as the premier education event for HME leaders. This is not your standard education. The Summit prides itself on offering education that can help you see the HME industry and your business in a different way.

  • http://www.hmesummit.com/testimonials.php HME News Business Summit - Testimonials - Testimonials - Rave reviews about the HME News Business Summit - The HME News Business Summit provides data and market intelligence that you can't find anywhere else. This year's program will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to make money now and in the future, regardless of what turns the industry takes. If you're a decision maker for your business, you need to be with your peers at the HME News Business Summit in Nashville this September!

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  • Amazon Customer - I received the flex belt super excited to try it out because of all of ...

    I received the flex belt super excited to try it out because of all of the great reviews I read. I read one review that said you wake up sore the next day and a few reviews that said to start off at 20 (because it was so intense) and work your way up.

  • Amazon Customer - Costly but I Definitely see improvement

    Next week will be 3 months since I started using HairMax. I waited because I wanted to be sure if it was working or not. First of all let me say that I am a woman with thinning hair in the front, at the hairline and to about halfway back (around my ears but on top, not on the sides). My mother has VERY thin hair to where you can see her scalp all the time all over her head, and I appear to be going that same direction so I was willing to do about anything to stop the hair loss, not to mention regrow some hair. When I bought this product it had not been tested on women so there wasn't much information for me to go on, plus it was pretty pricey but like I said, I'd have tried just about anything. I'm not a particularly disciplined person and I'd say I've used it between 3-5 times a week. I'm not going over my whole head...just the areas of concern and that only takes a few minutes per treatment.

  • The Bumble - This Book Helps me Find Strength When I Need it Most

    I don't know if it was the pressure of early adult life or the demands of college, but I began to experiment with huge ships in my late teens. I began by looking at huge ship magazines in the basement when my parents weren't around. Then one day, my mom came home early and unexpectedly caught me in the act. Both of my parents were furious. They asked me where I go the magazine from and I said I found it and that I thought it only contained articles on small watercraft. As a result, I started to sneak out at night, telling my parents that I was headed to a friend's house to watch Full House, but in reality, I was in the library, reading up on huge ships. As my career developed, I found an apartment that I could afford and I moved out of my parents’ house. My interest in huge ships only grew. My apartment became a center for trafficking huge ship paraphernalia: model huge ships, pictures, of huge ships; life preserves – you name it. Eventually some neighbors complained and the owner of the apartment building had me evicted. By that time, I was so far gone that I didn’t care and I moved into a hostel. It was the perfect place to continue my pursuit of huge ships. The rent was cheap, drifters came and went, everyone minded their own business, and once in a while a new person would come along with scale models of huge ships in Turkey. We had a lot of wild nights and I was having trouble holding down my job. Eventually got fired.

  • K. Nes - Price went up, container size decreased

    Others on Amazon have voiced the same concern I have, but what Similac has done is so shameful and deceptive, that more people need to bring this up; there needs to be an outrage.

  • K. Pinnock - Much better than most AV programs

    I choose this program over it's many competitors because it stays up to date much better than others, especially for Day Zero outbreaks, it scans faster than most of the competition and it uses less memory than most others (especially Norton.) However, the updater is quite slow, but luckily it does that in the background automatically. I've also noticed than in my Chrome browser, the only way it will accept a correct password is when I use the Kaspersky Virtual keyboard, but in Internet Explorer I don't have this issue. Besides that, this is a great bang for your buck product.

  • Dean - Chills In Minutes but Noisy

    I love this item solely for the fact that if I have a warm drink of nearly any kind I can chill it in a matter of minutes. That having been said its drawbacks have just caused me to start keeping more things in the fridge.

  • Vivian Linden - A Must-Read for Healthcare Practitioners (and a Valuable Read for Anyone Experiencing Health Problems)!

    In the four years since I first encountered Dr. Campbell-McBride, her book has remained on my top-recommended list. As a student of Complementary and Alternative Medicine(B.S. Herbal Sciences (Bastyr University), Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine Intern), the content of this book (as well as her work on heart health) has provided me with invaluable information on the connection between food, digestion, the role of intestinal bacteria and over-all health. Anyone who is having food allergies, inflammatory conditions, psychological symptoms and general malaise can benefit tremendously by studying Dr. Campbell-McBride's work and applying it to their self-care regimen. It is easily readable for both lay-people and those with more science background.