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  • marty - Excellent Gentle Exfoliator

    Use it gently, rinse well with tepid water, pat dry, give skin about 5 minutes then apply any other product you may want to use. Great product for men too.

  • Debra Thompson - Seeing results

    So far I am seeing some results. I bought this to help with my slow hair growth. I haven't noticed any change in my hair yet, but I understand that will need more time to notice. My nails however, are growing like weeds! My skin also seems a little softer. So as far as I'm concerned it is doing as advertised. I can't mark against hair growth, I will have to give it more time. So I will have to update my review. I'm happy so far! I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review. I'd suggest giving this a try.