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  • J. Gallaugher - Great starter Commander Deck

    I managed to find this deck at a local Target for MSRP, so I can't complain about the higher prices people are charging.

  • Doug & Jean - Easy to load

    Typical Norton quality, which I rate high for the non-nerd user. Does all you need to keep your computer safe and your stuff backed up on site if you have ext. drive or remote if you so choose. Norton does slow your internet speeds while checking for viruses and such but better than trying to get them out later. Have used Norton for years and have had no problem. Just wish they'd lower auto-renewal price so I wouldn't have to buy a new one every year!

  • Maranatha - Peep for a princess

    Maxi-Cosi? I had never heard of them. Luckily, my wife had and convinced me to check out their car seats. She had decided she was ordering the Pria 70 for her car and after reading way too many online reviews of innumerable car seats, I decided I would too.

  • Bethany - Great beginner video!

    Loved this workout! As a new person to kickboxing, I thought the instructor was easy to follow, and the pace was good. Definitely worked up a sweat!

  • Sharon E. Harvey - Absolutely amazing!!

    I took my first dose of DE on Monday, September 28, and within two days I began to feel relief from the arthritic pain in my right-hand middle finger, but more amazing was the reduced pain in my right hip. I felt so good that I was able to go for a short run, which I hadn't done for several months. It is now Friday, October 2, and I continue to be pain-free in my hip even on this cold and rainy day when I would usually be in pain. My daily dose has been two tbsp in 5 ozs. of cold water in the morning before I have coffee. I have increased energy and noticed a decrease appetite. I look forward to experiencing many other benefits derived from taking DE.

  • Amazon Customer - You can't eat like a cow

    I used this product exactly as directed for 1 month. I also followed the HCG low calorie diet and lost 15lbs. NEWS FLASH: there is no magic, legal, safe product to melt away pounds with no effort. You can't eat like a cow, take these drops, expect to loose weight, then blame the product for no results. Bottom line, first get your diet under control you will then lose weight. Throw in some excersise and you will lose even more weight. This product is not a miricle by any means. If anything, it is a decent appetite supressant. It does not burn or taste bad like other reviews say. It tastes like Grape Dimetapp Childrens Cough Medacine. I am glad I tried it for myself, but will not do it again.