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Adenine|Efavirenz Intermediate E-2|Isotretinoin|Cytidylic acid--Jiangxi Hengxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. - Jiangxi Hengxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.(Hengxiang Pharm for short), are a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates located in Zibu Fine Chemical Industry Park in Wannian, Jiangxi Province, southeast of China. Founded in September, 2010, we are a newly..

  • http://www.hengxiangpharm.com/template/about_c.html 腺嘌呤|艾法韦纶中间体E-2|异维A酸|胞苷酸--江西恒祥医药科技有限公司 - 江西恒祥医药科技有限公司位于江西省万年县梓埠精细化工产业园区,是一家专业从事医药中间体生产和销售的企业。公司建立于2010年9月9日,一期工程于2011年10月完工并试生产,其主要技术和资源来自于台州恒丰医药化工有限公司,该公司在医药化工领域具有数十年的生产和销售经验..

    Country:, Asia, CN

    City: 120.1614 Zhejiang, China

  • swissarmygirl - Works amazingly well

    Since I put this stuff around, I am only seeing dead / dying roaches. Actually it's kind of funny. A few of them have staggered out of hiding straight to me, as if to ask me to put them out of their misery. Knowing exactly how hard it is to kill a roach, I'm impressed.

  • dbhinkle - Worst accounting software and customer service.

    I bought this product and ended up traveling overseas for over two months. When I got back I started using the software and found it is more difficult to use than they lead on. Even the tutorials I watched were people sitting down with professionals helping them connect the dots. It is way over the top for the small business/home user. When I called Intuit, they would not refund me because of the 60 day policy and would not even consider the software had not been activated. There offer to me was to de-authorize the license for my product.

  • Rich - This is an EXCELLENT product. Not only did it whiten my teeth ...

    This is an EXCELLENT product. Not only did it whiten my teeth as describe, I had 0 problems using it. I have to admit, once the treatment is done, it was a gooey mess to clean (the mouthpiece), but it's a small price to pay for not having to goto the dentist for (but I still go for checkups).

  • Amazon Customer - Went on pretty easy except one shoe

    Not Mopar. Package says Moprr. False advertising. Went on pretty easy except one shoe. The one shoe didn't fit the rail.

  • Pam D. White - One of the best products on the market for seriously dry eyes.

    I've suffered from severe dry eye syndrome for 3 years now, and systane is one of the FEW OTC products that actually helps soothe tired, achy, dry eyes. This was a good deal on an excellent product.