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    I used this for 2 years while on parole. I passed everytime and the test was sent to the lab a few times. The first year I would go clean 48 hours before the test . The day of the test, 3 hours before, I would slam a bottle of water, then one hour later, I drank the whole 32 oz Q carob at a consistent speed, making sure to shake it up throughout so I kept it mixed up. Then I would make sure to pee at least 3 times in the next 2 hours. After 2 hours I was clean, but I have waited to go test a few times for about 3 hours and was still good. One more thing, the day before, try to drink a couple bottles of water to start cleaning yourself out. The least amount of time I have used any drugs was 1 hour , only because I got a call for a pop up test. I wasn't sure if this would work, but it did. I slammed 4 bottles of water and then the detox right after. I made myself pee 3 times, hit the pharmacy and bought a home urine drug text and did it on the way to parole. I passed it all the way. So that calmed me down going to do the real one. I did the one for parole and also passed it without any issues. It blew my mind. I have since told several friends of mine about this product and I highly recommend it. To each is own when it comes to any kind of drug use. It's just nice to know that there is a way to passed a urine drug screen if needed. I guarantee it all the way. Let's put it this way. Also, I used 3 different drugs in those days. Hope this review helps .

  • ener629 - Love this product!

    I purchased this product to go along with my cabinet transformations kit and love both! The kit is so easy to use and almost fool-proof. I'm not a pro-DIY'er but as long as you follow the video and the step-by-step instructions your countertops will turn out looking brand new. I did this with minimal help from my husband in about 2 days. The overall look is not exactly like granite but does not look like my old laminate either; still like a natural stone. Love the final look and would recommend this product to anyone. Just FYI-this complements my cabinets perfectly (Rustoleum cabinet transformations in Espresso).