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  • Jennifer Walters - Very glad I purchased, works very well

    I have to admit I was skeptical, even with all of the good reviews. I bought the XL and it proved to be too big, so I ended up getting a L, so make sure to measure your dog according to the Thundershirt website, not the sizing here. My dog has an anxiety problem in the car, and on long trips, tends to end up throwing up in the car. I put this on him, and for a two hour car trip (two hours each way) over the weekend, he surprised me by curling up and actually sleeping most of the trip, which he hasn't ever done. He seems to be very comfortable in it, and it's wearing very well. I would highly recommend at least giving it a shot if your dog has anxiety. I'm very glad I bought it.

  • Jordean - Not US law, so if that is what you're looking for move along.

    I have not read this book, but was looking for a sourcebook on US immigration law. This is not a US sourcebook. How about saving shoppers a little time and stating up front what jurisdiction this addresses? That would have been a considerate thing to do. Given the plethora of titles on this subject, I really don't want to dig through every single description of every single book to sort the basics out.

  • Susan R. Doddy - I love this mouse pad!!

    I bought a similar mouse pad years ago from Staples that I use with my work computer and I loved it so much that when it was time to replace the mouse pad for my personal computer, I started looking for one just like it and I found it here on Amazon. I probably don't actually use it right, because I have the thinnest side of the pad under my wrist and the thickest part farthest away from me, but it works for me. There is memory foam in it and yes, it does have a bit of a smell for a couple of days (which for some reason I think actually smells good), but it went away after a few days. It isn't really a soft squishy pad, but I like it and it's still softer than nothing and is much better than just a flat mouse pad. I also like the size of it--you have a good amount of 'mousing' room on it. I've used my one for my work computer every single day since January 2006 and I just love it. It wipes clean with a damp washcloth, does not have a pulls in it like my old gel mouse pad and it still looks new. It also stays put and doesn't slide around. I highly recommend it, but if you really like something that's very soft and squishy, you may not like this.

  • Veronica - Great product and scent

    We love to use this product as it not only smells great, it has the great ability to get our son ready for bedtime and calm him down from crazy playtime ways, it also contains oats which helps to dry out his severe diaper rash. We like to keep this handy in the house and would recommend.

  • Mark C. - Best for Word 2003 Users

    If you are upset that Microsoft changed Word considerably in 2007 and want someone to commiserate, you'll love this book. If you want to go back 20 years when word processing was accomplished with hundreds of mind-numbing key shortcuts, you'll think this is a great book. But if you really want to learn the new Word 2010 paradigms, look for a different book. Take out all the references to keyboard short-cuts and the quick access toolbar (QAT) and this book is 30% smaller.