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  • Brandon Cobb - I used to be the one applying it

    So of course i got some for my personal car just to give it a shot. It works as advertised when properly applied. Washing has to be done weekly or more if car gets intensely dirty. Washing must be done by hand with a soft clean mitt to avoid scratches. The more dirt and abrasive car washes you go trough, the more xzilon you wash off, just like wax. It stuck to all my windows for the year claimed period and I will purchase it again for just the windows as i still prefer a good waxing to be done on paint. Take the time to clear your car properly and the product will last as long as, and perform as designed.

  • Thomas - Wish I Had This Year's Ago. I Love It!

    Okay, I'm a guy. A guy with a serious case of callus on the left foot heel, ball of the foot and the outside of the big toe. A podiatrist once used a scalpel to cut some of it, but it continues to build. Normally, I'd use a "cheese grater" to knock it down then a pumice stone. What a hassle. I've even resorted to using my Dremel drill with a diamond disc. Ladies, don't try that at home!

  • H. L. Dietor - Sigh, There's Nothing Exciting With This One

    My husband has gifted me one of these beautiful snowflakes for every Christmas we have been with each other. So, the collection is very special to me. When I read the less than enthusiastic responses to this one, I thought, "Well, each one has been different and beautiful, so I'm sure this will be the same!" Except, it's not. At all. It's flat and unexciting. There is very little to recommend it. Which is a shame considering this is the 25th year the company has released one of these. Wouldn't you think it would be extravagant? I'll put it on my tree and add it to the previous years, but I hope Swarovski reads these reviews and next year, we won't be disappointed in the annual snowflake.

  • Jeffrey Goodin - Great Book - for Years!

    My son got the first version when he was a bit young -around 1-2 years old, and he tore off almost every flap - but still loved reading and counting as he approached 3, so I got him another (what I thought was the same book) for his birthday. I was so pleasantly surprised by the improvements! The new version has a radically different flap design that is far superior to the last one we bought a couple of years ago; Each page with flaps actually has two pieces of paper board laid on top of each other and the top one is cut out where the openings are but the "hinges are left completely attached to the upper sheet. This makes for much stronger flaps and many more hours of exploring before they rip. Even now after he is a solid 3-year-old he goes back to his "Big Book" as a night time reading choice on a regular basis and continues to find new things in it. Superb buy.