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  • jimi - ... a year and a half and it is the best exercise device coach

    I have been using Moov over a year and a half and it is the best exercise device coach. I am 61 years young and have seen myself improve in all areas using Moov. The exercises are challenging and the coaching motivating. I love my "coach" and I appreciate the guidance given during my exercises. I have 2 Moov Now for boxing. By the way, it also monitors your sleep. If you want to get fit and stay fit and healthy, get this device.

  • The 3 little Umipigs - I put it on the last few days and then put a waste built on over top of it before working out ...

    You can definitely feel it! It is not too intense for me, but I can see if you have sensitive skin that it may not be the right product for you. I put it on the last few days and then put a waste built on over top of it before working out on my elliptical. It definitely made me sweat and I could feel it. I will update my review if I see a long-term change.I received this product for a discount or free to review for my honest and unbiased opinion. I do not review products that my family does not have the intention of using and these opinions are my own, based on my experience with this product. If you feel that my review was helpful, please let me know by pressing the 'yes' button below. Thank you!

  • Sarah M Rush - 49 at my local Pharmacy for this product and this product did nothing except waste my money

    Save your money. I spent $46.49 at my local Pharmacy for this product and this product did nothing except waste my money. Burt's Bees Poison Ivy Soap ($7) plus calamine lotion ($5) plus benedryl ($6) does a much better job (if you don't need to go to the Doctor for a shot).

  • Mr. Richard R. Davidson - Orbi is awesome!

    The wireless internet reception in my home is generally hit or miss. I have tried multiple internet wireless extenders with fair to bad results. Multiple times I have had to either reset my device or reset the router or reset the extender. It will work for awhile only to have problems again later. I then hear about Netgear Orbi, and it seems that this may be a cure to my problem after seeing the product on the Netgear website. I was going to wait until the reviews were it, but I couldn't wait, and I pre-ordered. I have been using Orbi now for the past 4-5 days, and this thing is fantastic. I have no dropped signals. My printer does not lose connectivity, my videos run smoother and faster, and I don't have to reset anything! In addition, the setup is extremely quick and easy. I just can't believe how much better my wireless internet is doing. This thing is just awesome, and I am so glad that I bought it.

  • Scott - IT WORKED

    It actually worked, my wife is enjoying more fuller hair, which she lost when having extensive surgery. I didn't think that it would.