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  • Becky Tamaki - Worked for me

    As a sleep deprived mother of a 2 month old and a 3 year old who also suffers from a genetic history of Slavic decent (tendency towards bags and dark circles) I had a great need to freshen up the area around my eyes before returning to work from maternity leave. The first time I put it on I noticed an improvement right away. Was kind of leery after reading some of the impassioned negative reviews but decided to try it because of the positive ones. I experienced mild burning when applying it but noticed it was worse when I applied too much and rubbed it in hard. Seriously you don't need much and just let it soak in to the top layer of skin where it is supposed to do its thing. I use it after a gentle cleaner and before a calming moisturizer (I have sensitive skin). It is not magic. I do not think it will completely eliminate heavy bags or long standing wrinkles but I believe it can help reduce them from my experiences and if it is going to work you will probably know right off the bat.

  • joseph talty - Rip Off

    Paid 800 dollars to have Xzilon applied to my new camaro. It does give the car a waxed appearance, but it definitely does not live up to the company's protection guarantees. Some tree sap fell on the care, and it quickly ate right through the paint. Tree sap is specifically covered under their warranty. I put a claim in, with photos included. The claim was denied without explanation, and no one from the company would respond back to any of my inquiries as to the reason why. It is basically paying 800 dollars for some off the shelf turtle wax. Avoid at all cost!

  • R. Rhodes - Check the BBB, there's a long list of issues and complaints.

    Do not fall for this product line. I email requested terminating my account 3 times before I finally called the company (and usually the vm is full) and spoke to someone who stopped the orders four months ago...and today I started receiving it again! Send for the free sample and you're stuck for an automatic refill AND AUTOMATIC CREDIT CHARGE whether you like it or not. The product itself is only just OK, I got just as good of results from drug-store products and a lower cost than 189.00!

  • Vicki Jung - A MUST-READ BOOK!

    The Body Ecology Diet certainly is a drastic change from what we usually eat. However, what we usually eat and how we combine our foods are deadly! So many people suffer from chronic illness, and it is scarey to think how many of us have compromised immune systems that can lead to deadly diseases.This book has finally enabled me to regain my health after battling a systemic yeast infection for almost two years now! After being on the diet for two weeks, I have seen a remarkable improvement in my energy and stabilization of symptoms. The authors are very thorough in educating the readers about the steps necessary in reclaiming one's natural balance of yeast within the body. It works...especially if you eat the cultured vegetables. What amazes me is all the different foods I never knew about until I read the book. Stevia, the natural sweetner, has greatly enhanced my diet; and it is actually good for me! Wow! How many of you know what Kefir is? Read the book and find out! Once you have read this book, your eating habits will never be the same. If you are suffering from a major illness, I urge you to read this book and follow the recommendations. It could save your life!

  • IreneDAdler - Light and handy

    I hate cleaning in general, and vacuuming in particular due to the noise, but after moving into an apartment with hardwood floors, I realized I had to find a way to frequently clean the floor because walking on a dusty hard floor is gross :( I tried Swiffer first, but it was not the ideal thing for picking up cat litter, and there's a small carpet in front of the litter box, which obviously can't be cleaned with a Swiffer. I decided to try this vacuum after reading the reviews here and I'm really glad I did. It's not the 100% ideal solution to my situation, but it's pretty darn close, and I think I'd have to invent something myself to get anything that works better.

  • Holly - A little skimpy

    My son loves wildlife and we spend lots of time in our illustrated encyclopedias on the topic like "Animal Life" and "One Million things. This magazine is fun to get in the mail but they dont get looked at. Perhaps it is best for kids that can read on their own.