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  • Jo in Camarillo - "Applicator" stinks

    The product seems to help a bit with body and color. I started with a smaller sized container of fibers, part of a "deal" that included a "patented spray applicator." The applicator did not fit the smaller container, and so I ordered this larger size, thinking it must be designed to work with the applicator: but it doesn't fit either!! So I have an applicator I cannot use, and am perplexed about why this is so - why hasn't the issue been addressed anywhere? I sprinkle the fibers onto the needy areas, and rub gently with my palms; but a workable applicator would be nice! I've been using the fibers daily, and see no build-up nor any residue on my pillow.

  • Awdsyco - If I can give it 6 stars.

    My 99 Honda Civic has 215K miles with oil diarrhea from crank and rear main seals, thick with black dirt collected over the years under the transmission and engine oil pan. To replace the seals, mechanic wants $500 so what I got to lose with $10 sealer. Drained and replaced 100% full synthetic oil so additives will remove all the gunk, at the same time poured in this 8 ounce bottle to the crank case along with the oil.

  • Paula Schnirch - saves

    our chrysler 300 came with only one key, i have always carried a spare due to a lockout as teen. this key saved us about $65,compared to the dealer! we still had to have the dealer program the key, and cut the key, but their blank key would have cost more.

  • Kennedy - Easy Peasy

    Heard about this product from a youtuber. Followed directions to the T. Easy Peasy. My upper lip was smooth. Very happy with the results. I left on for about 10 min and wiped off gently with baby wipes. Then I splashed with warm water just to make sure it was off. Upper lip stayed smooth for about 2 weeks.

  • eortlepp - Perfect!

    These were perfect! They fit exactly in the floor space and they are snug. Exactly as described. I would definitely recommend.