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Good Neighbor Pharmacy | Havertown, PA - Katz Pharmacy in Havertown, Pennsylvania, has been your neighborhood drug store since the 1920s. As a Good Neighbor Pharmacy, we are happy to provide you with fast and accurate service.

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    I never write reviews, and I am here to tell you that this product is awesome!! I've struggled with regular cycles since going off BC pills in 2013, and I finally went to a naturopath to help the issue. She told me to take 3/day, and I got my first period in three months after taking these regularly for 2 weeks! She also prescribed me Vitamin D and a multivitamin, so I am not sure what caused my cycle to start up. However, I know that I will keep on taking this! I try to take this on its own (with a meal) to avoid the nausea issue, and it seems to help.

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    Awesome hair product! The seller Aveyou was great... Ships fast problem was USPS was horrible and delayed the delivery. Even came in a nice tote bag! I don't necessarily have to twist my hair... It says it can also be used for wash and go styles as well. I have 3a/3b curly frizzy hair... Highly recommend

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    I've had severe acne problems since HS and I could never get rid of it even into adulthood. I did use Accutane, but stopped because I was not fond of the side effects. This product has been great! After a week of using the product, I noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. After a few weeks following the directions, my acne cleared. My friends and family commented on how quickly my acne went away. Since I do not want to strip my skin, I now use the product once every other day as part of my regimen.