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  • Elizabeth A. - Terrible.

    Biggest waste of money ever. This stuff tasted terrible, and I didn't lose 1 pound. I am an active 50 year old woman but because of a foot issue had to refrain from my usual running routine. I decided to try this program to lose the 15 pounds I packed on over the year. I followed the program exactly and I am very disappointed. The shakes tasted like vomit and you have to take 15 pills 4 times a day. I wouldn't recommend.

  • Nick's Mom - Constipated babies are grumpy

    I received a small, one dose sample packet of this product in the mail. When we first started solids, my baby was super constipated. He grunted and just seemed so miserable. I remembered the sample packet I received, so decided to give it a try. The results were phenomenal! The next morning, he had a huge bowel movement, and was a happy baby. Since the sample packet worked so well, I bought this full sized product. This did not have the same results we experienced with the sample packet. I noticed that you can give 2 doses per day, so we gave 2 doses per day. No results. We gave 2 doses per day for 3 days and still had a constipated baby. We then decided to try to feed him prunes. After 2 meals of prunes, he was able to have a large bowel movement, and was happy again. In the future, we'll stick with prunes. I'm not sure why the sample dose worked so well after just 1 dose, but we did not experience the same results when I used the full sized product.

  • J. Vinci - bought for my daughter,

    bought for my daughter, she enjoys this version more for the wiiu then she has the ones for the xbox360

  • atula - Please never purchase from this company. I just received ...

    Please never purchase from this company. I just received a call from my bank. I use a Google Wallet that I transfer money only from my Savings account to place on the card. That is the card that I put on file with WISH HOME app. I have made purchases since Nov 15th, 2015. I have received some of the items. But they have some how hacked my savings account. My bank has been covering charges to my Google Wallet from Wish Home. My Google Wallet is not showing these transactions. But my bank account sure has, so I had to close my Google Wallet and my savings account today. Merry Christmas to me. So please never purchase from this company.

  • Nancy - Simple, Easy, and wayyy Cheaper! Way to go Norton!

    Based on other reviews, I had alot of doubts if whether or not I would get the downloadable software version of Norton. First of all, It was alot of cheaper than in Stores! (Which would be around like $40!) and i got it for $15! I had some doubts about it, just because everyone kept saying that it didn't download, or it wasn't the right version and all. But at last I gave in, and bought it anyways. Well it turned out to be simple! Downloaded it, installed it, and boom, and worked right away!! No problems at all. So for sure next time when my software expires, im doing this again.! Just make sure when you install it, you update the pin code that way you'll get it. But ovarall it was awesome!:)

  • Agostino Castagnola - The worst!!

    You'd be hard pressed to find a more unreliable program than is. If you are working on a project of even minimal complexity, forget it. Believe me, I know. I have used this software for the past SIX versions, and there has been absolutely no improvement of capability. "Program has stopped working" will become a frequent error message.