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Hadi Shriners, a Fraternal Non-profit organization raising money and assisting children in need in Evansville Indiana area. - Hadi Shriners, organization that facilitates assistance to any child whoseparents are unable to pay for needed surgical, medical and hospitals and is located inEvansville Indiana. Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children are located throughout NorthAmerica. These Orthopedic and Burn Hospitals are open to all children

Country:, North America, US

City: -82.9378 Ohio, United States

  • JR 888 - Not bad

    Well, it makes beer. I didn't care for the flavor of either kit brew that this one came with, but the product works as described, and is very simple. If you use the sucrose tabs for carbonation, you will need to gently invert the bottles a few times after they fully dissolve to ensure that it is mixed properly, and carbonates fully.

  • A. Jones - Love is ...

    This Suzuki seat belongs on a Wee like the color green on a dollar! Don't waste your time with expensive "custom" seats until you've tried this one first. Plus, next time I need anything for the bike I'll check whether I can get it from Louis Powersports at amazon; their shipping speed and prizes are great. I am VERY VERY happy with this purchase!

  • Jolynn - Ice cream on demand!

    Love this thing. Ice cream is my downfall when dieting, so being able to make it on demand with frozen fruit has been awesome. I would recommend always using at least a little bit of banana if you like a creamy texture, but if you like a sorbet then any fruit without the banana works as well. It is a bit of a chore to clean it properly (which is the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5), but worth it to be able to treat yourself without busting your diet plan. I don't have little ones in the house anymore, but if I did I would definitely use this to replace unhealthy, processed treats for them.

  • FawnG - Caused Diarrhea

    This product caused severe diarrhea and, personally, cannot be good for you. I tried it for 3 months and the only weight I loss was the food I ate. I don't like the approach here. There are more healthy, nutritional ways to lose weight.

  • ZanderSaid - Fun Read

    I love looking at all of the stupid records out there and see the people who actually cared enough to go after the record. Very entertaining indeed!

  • Travelmech - felt fine, matter of fact I felt like could had ...

    Wife and I were introduced to Zija from a friend at church two years ago. We were 58 yrs old and were noticing that our energy levels were dropping dramatically over the years. So I reluctantly tried it and was surprised with the anti inflammatory properties that my body felt. My wife was able to complete house hold chores easier due to the mild energizing effects. Have tried both the powered drink packets and caps and receive equal effects from both. Just tried the new BURN caps and was pleasantly surprised how much longer I was able to perform on stair stepper & glider exerciser machine at the local gym. An hour after I took the BURN cap one morning, I notice that my heart rate had elevated already to 125-130 beats after I grabbed the cardio handles on the machines (before ingesting BURN it was 80-90 BPM) After the exercise was completed my heart rate BPM had risen to 170, felt fine, matter of fact I felt like could had gone on longer & faster. We don't purchase it as often as we use to due to it's high cost. But whenever we start to feel lethargic and rundown, I tell her to go ahead and order a month's supply of both the drink mix and caps. It usually ends costing us a little over $200. The Zija company has been fair to us, we had a dispute w/ the automatic shipping which caused out chking acct to go into the red. They refunded the funds but still shipped the products at no charge to us. I appreciated that and have remained a customer because of their generosity.

  • jillmegan - Basic information with an outdated/incompatible CD-ROM

    I purchased the Kaplan LSAT Premier 2011 book a couple months ago to prepare for the October LSAT. And I found the basic information, sample questions and practice tests to be helpful in preparing me for the information that will be on the test. However, when I went to go through some of the additional practice problems on the CD-ROM I ran into a problem.