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  • Kim in Austin - Really good product, but much harder to install that predicted

    Really good product, but much harder to install that predicted. Should have instructions included to make at least somewhat easier. It took at least 4 hours for my husband, son and I to get this installed. With that said, it is a quality product and works perfectly.

  • Suebaby - Saved us about twelve grand - no foolin'!

    I thought my husband was gonna die when a full can of wood varnish exploded right next to our recently restored classic Firebird. Arrrgh - sticky, messy, stubborn splatters EVERYWHERE - all over the paint and bumper! I seriously thought the poor guy was gonna keel over on the spot at the thought of a $12,000 repaint and rechrome job. Luckily, I happened to have this wonderful, beautiful, awesome, amazing product on hand, and I don't lie a bit when I say it completely saved the day - and the car - and, by extension, my marriage. That nasty, sticky varnish wiped right off with just a few sprays, and you can't even tell that the tragedy occurred. Thank you, oh thank you, Krud Kutter!

  • Amazon Customer - Okay, I give up

    Bought this software and after two days figured out that it does not do what you'd expect. It won't build a postcard with a front and back and changing paper sizes is a nightmare. Went to their website to find out about a refund and was given an email address - the email address is bogus and email cannot be delivered to it. So, I called Hallmark and, after 30 minutes of listening to the message: " your call will be answered in two minutes" I gave up.

  • Alex N. - Good Encyclopedia, Terrible Business

    Our family ordered the last print edition of Encyclopedia Britannica to keep as a family collector's edition. Everything was great until one day several months later, Encyclopedia Britannica sent us a $100 book that we didn't order. When we called them, they said that they thought we might like the book so they sent it to us and we should expect a bill promptly. When we told them we didn't order the book and we don't want it, they became rude and told us to just mail it back to them. So we mail the book back to them, and then a week later we receive an invoice for the book. The letters keep coming demanding payment for something we never ordered. Unfortunately we will have to file a BBB complaint against this company due to their unscrupulous business tactics. What a disappointment. A company with a storied product such as this shouldn't have to resort to sleezy underhanded sales tactics. We have lost all respect for Encyclopedia Britannica and will never do business with them again.