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Pharmaceutical Research | - Goff Hill LLC is an innovative pharmaceutical research developing agents used in the battle against cancer and other diseases. We are based.

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  • Lynn Luna - Works!

    Been getting bladder infections every few months for about a year so got on line and did some research. So glad I found these. As son as I feel an infection coming on I start on these and have not had to go back to the Dr or take antibiotics since.

  • EconomyPreferred - It's all about the (lack of) bass

    UPDATE: The service folks from Sunvalleytek followed up after I was happy with the TT-BH09s and asked me to either change the rating on this review or remove it altogether. Not willing to do either. So I removed my review for their TT-BH09s and requested a packaging slip to return the TT-BH09s.

  • Tabitha B - If something had happened to you....

    Liam lives on the thin edge of right and wrong, legal and illegal. When Lizzie's dad comes to him, he fells like he has to help him. Now, he has to help Lizzie as she deals with her dads death. Unfortunately, his life isn't safe and now, neither is hers! I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. This is the second collaboration for Willow and Lauren and these ladies have done an amazing job once again! Their characters have depth and the story are well written. This is a standalone, but if you haven't read their first book, Inked, try it too. Enjoy!!!

  • Kevan Huston - I liked the overall design at first

    I've been using these headphones for a few weeks now and have experienced a lot of the same issues as other customers. I wanted to give it a fair review as well. Here goes:

  • Johhny Bravo - Absolutely, Positively works!!!

    As long as you abstain from "toxins" 2-3 days before your test and drink about 5 liters of water through two days before the test, you should pass. Follow the directions!!!! The taste is manageable. You will see that your urine is not completely clear, but a tad bit yellow.

  • Hans - Really good. Don't miss Season 1!

    with so much absolute garbage cluttering the entertainment industry it was a real treat to find Season 1 of Goliath. It has good acting (not just good actors, but good acting). It has a believable, relatable plot - not some dumbed-down hyped up tinfoil hat story. The pace was good, and the finer points of the law, as well as how the law (in the USA) can both bring the truth to light as well as hide it from the eyes of justice - it was all well done.