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What is Glucobay? - Glucobay - Glucobay is an oral antidiabetic with proven efficacy and safety with unique mode of action which directly controls post-prandial glucose absorption and prevent macro and microvascular complications.

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  • Wrangler11 - I'm happy I bought it.

    Works great. It's a lot more handy to have around than I thought it would be. When I travel for work, I leave my Jeep at the office. If I need someone to move it, or if I need to let someone use it, I can just give them the code. It's built well and really does seem to be very secure.

  • Marti J. Miller - I had to try this to believe it & am so glad it did.

    Opening this package gave such a wonderful presentation & feeling of being pampered. The box was filled with 8 smaller boxes containing individual treatments & everything needed for some moments of gentle hair massage & a cap to use as you take your time to relax & let the product work its magic.

  • Elle - Best cream ever but only to be used with disposable ...

    This got rid of diaper rash in a day. Best cream ever but only to be used with disposable diapers...not cloth...

  • matt watts - Juice Plus

    Since starting taking this product after 4 months my chest triglycerides have dropped by more than half and my cholesterol more than 80 points no other changes in llifestyle or diet