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  • Cindy J - Cheap

    I'm actually a little afraid to use this. It feels creaky and cheap, like it's going to snap and half and hurt me or something. It barely has any resistance to it, either. A friend of mine had one years and years ago when they first came out. That one was nicely made and didn't feel flimsy. Either they've reduced the quality of the product, or maybe I got a bad one. Either way,I'm not impressed with it and feel like I wasted money.

  • Mom246nunder - Wow something that WORKS!

    We have used this product in our house for years. Through 2 children and 2 dogs I will attest that this is THE best cleaner I've ever found. I use it both in our Bissel Steam Cleaner and for stains and spot cleaning. The smell is nice and not overwhelming either. I am also impressed that something can work and be non-toxic to children and pets.

  • R. Brodowicz - So bad...

    This series made me question my sanity, not because it was far out or anything but because I thought I couldn't get any worse than book 2.

  • Rachel - Doesn't feel comfortable

    My review of the product: I tried this product on my face as well as on a scar. Yes, it did make my skin softer but it feels uncomfortable. If you roll it on all over your face when it dries it makes you face feel tight (like it's going to crack if you smile). I was aware of the product on my face and it kept me from sleeping comfortably at night. After two weeks, I still could not get used to it. If you have a scar or skin issue in a specific area, it may be worthwhile used in a small area, but it does not feel good all over the face. My review of the company: They seem like a start up and are disorganized. They accidentally sent me a duplicate shipment due to a mistake made by their sales rep that I spoke to on the phone and now they will not refund shipping fees and in addition charged a penalty for restocking that I was not told about in advance. Apparently, they don't take responsibility for their employees and claim the mistake is not their fault. Their advice was to work it out with the employee who should reimburse me out of her own pocket (like I'm ever going to hear from her again!). Beware should any errors be made with your order!

  • AnnaSF - My favorite hair mask ever

    I love this rich, silky, nourishing hair mask. One of the great things about it is that it's HUGE. 500ml - Twice the size of a standard hair mask. It contains lot's of wonderful oils that leave my hair feeling so healthy.