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Ginkgo Biloba extract 40 mg and 60 mg supplement, benefit and side effects, memory and brain enhancement 120 mg capsules and tablet - Ginkgo Biloba extract 40 mg and 60 mg supplement, benefit and side effects, memory and brain enhancement 120 mg capsules and tablet

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  • Mark Baumann - Lasts all night long!

    these are a little smaller than I was expecting, but, they put out some great ambiance lighting in the back of the yard. I am getting two more!

  • Roy Martinez - Functionality at a compromise

    I first got my hands on the Toshiba Chromebook when my brother visited during the holidays. After being without a laptop for a few years I was impressed. The screen was nice and the keyboard is pretty decent. I like to think a good measure of a portable laptop is being able to forget about it when you're on the go. The laptop is amazingly light and the Toshiba Chromebook passes this test as I never really feel like I'm lugging a laptop around all day. It's lighter than some of my textbooks!

  • Horton Deakins - Very well made

    Makes it much easier to vacuum and to wipe up spills. It will definitely keep my carpet lasting longer. If I buy another car of the same type, I'll probably put these mats in it. I did encounter a little confusion when it came to removing the old mats, but it resolved quickly.

  • FigPudding - Good product for testing your outlets.

    Works well to test outlets, regular and GFCI. When I pulled it out of my kitchen outlet after testing, i managed to trip the GFI switch so spent a while trying to locate the one where I have to push in the button to reset. I am disappointed that there is not a clear diagram of what the different light combinations mean/how to interpret this device readings. Seems well built but PLEASE could the manufacturer put a LARGE color diagram somewhere in the packaging that will give all possibilities of the interpretations of light combinations. Thanks.

  • Noslorich - Great all purpose mid boots.

    I have one of those inbetween foot sizes, short but wide. I exchange the removable insert with a sport insert combined with a custom arch support that supports and cushions my 69 year old feet. I regularly walk 28-30 miles a week averaging 4.2 miles per day. This boot now along with my Merrell Moab Ventilator Mid Waterprood Boot will alternate as my main hiking footwear depending on the weather here in NM. My original Merrell Moab Ventilator Mid Boots purchased in 2007 recently had to be put to rest permanently.

  • MrsRogers - Such a great line of products that work!

    I have been having a problem with losing hair lately. I have been under a lot of stress in my life and I have a bad habit of scratching myself when I'm nervous. I was wanting to find a shampoo and conditioner and some other products that might help. I'm also quite picky and it's got to smell good, not weigh my hair down or dry it out. I came across this brand and I just had to give them a shot.

  • Andrew Oldroyd - won't buy another one

    I had a bad experience with the CR model so I was given the opportunity to buy the NR model at a discounted price. I was told that all the "bugs" with the CR model had been fixed. I can tell you for sure that they haven't. Any money you save from an energy standpoint will quickly disappear with all the maintenance costs. I have spent over $2,000 in the last 3 years getting my models fixed. My hot water goes out at least every 6 months. When I call the customer service line to get some tech support, I am given no help at all. They always just say "call your local servicer". Last time my I was told my flow sensor was bad - a new one was very expensive plus I had to pay the plumber for install. These things have been nothing but a headache. My hot water went out again a few months back and I got the same bad service from the tech support line. I'm done paying my plumber thousands of dollars to fix these things every 6 months. I bought and installed an electrical water heater and have no issues. My electrical bill hasn't increased any more than my gas bill decreased - so I'm not sure these units save that much money to begin with. Please learn from my experiences and don't buy Navien heaters - their product is bad and their customer service is worse.