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  • mashabanana - Light and good steering

    This was perfect for traveling. I felt like we got our money's worth. It doesn't recline, but I guess that feature would add weight. I was looking for something lightweight, so this worked well for me. My son is a big 2.5 year old and he seemed comfortable in it. He took naps in it - didn't always look comfortable (but I also don't have a flexible, nimble 2.5 year old body) - but he even took an epic 3 hour nap in the stroller while we were out and about.

  • Kevin M. - Nothing but disappointment

    I have a five year old Shih-tzu who has had some problems with red gums and terrible breath, despite the fact that I feed him good dog food with no corn or other unwanted additives. After seeing a video advertisement on this product at a local pet store, I decided to give this product a shot. I used the product for over a month. According to the product information, I should have seen tremendous improvements within a month. Needless to say, I not only saw no improvements, but my dogs condition got worse. After using this product my dog not only had no improvement with his bad breath, but his teeth became even more agitated from the treatment and it hurt him to chew. I have stopped the treatment and he seems to have less pain now. I have had his teeth cleaned again, and I am still looking for a product that will actually work. I can deal with his breath, but I worry but the health of is teeth and gums. It is a shame that so many products claim to work and seldom do. I advise anyone looking for a helpful product to look elsewhere. Tropiclean fresh breath is terrible. :(

  • S. Mak - Good for the price

    I got this from Amazon prime day. I have been using some major brand eye cream and feel like maybe I just give this product a shot. So far it has been good. I am 38 and I have no wrinkles around my eyes so I can't say if it will smooth out wrinkles. But it hydrates my eye area most of the day. For the price, I recommend this product.

  • Carlos Thomas - a lot of googling is useful as you read b/c the book lacks a bit ...

    Haven't gone to Iceland yet. using the book as a reference to map out a plan. So far, a lot of googling is useful as you read b/c the book lacks a bit of depth. But gives you some nice things to think about.

  • Amazon Customer - This is why it pays to read customer reviews

    I am an avid Kindle reader and was really interested in moving into the world of magazine subscriptions with PopSci at the top of my list. Reading all of the reviews and doing the simple comparison of price between the Print and Electronic editions has quickly helped me to avoid doing something that could only be described as "totally dumb"! Why in the world would someone want to pay considerably more for something that costs less. I mean I am happy to help the environment and do my part to stop trees from turning into paper, and would even be willing to pay the same price for an electronic edition (allowing the publisher to make more of a profit and hope the publisher realizes the potential profits to be made thereby pushing folks more in this direction), but this is totally absurd.

  • Dr. Tubby Gooberman - Horrible Skin Reaction

    After about 6 hrs on the back of my knee, in cool weather taking it easy (out of necessity), the thing started itching so bad I had to take it off. Although it demanded to be rubbed a bit, I certainly never rubbed or scratched to anywhere in the vicinity of raw. Seriously. I was at home convalescing so I simply got up, walked in the BR and put it on. I had to dose it in cortisone to keep from scratching it. After that, I never touched it. But not because of the cortisone. As the first slather of OTC cortisone cream wore off a few hours later, It started burning. Like a bad chemical burn. I had to continue the application of Cortisone from the time of the application of the SINGLE salon paz patch in early January through March and into May. Everyday, 3 times a day. I can still see the outline of the burn.

  • Matthew Hedges - Top product

    I have been on the path of weight loss for four years now and now that i am closing on my goals i need a little extra help. I have tried countless thermogenics through out these last two years and i have to say the best results were from this product. I love hydroxycut elite hardcore it really does what it says. I have purchased the product three times now and cycling off and on with having never been disappointed by the results