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Growing Generations Panama - When it comes to IVF, a healthy egg is more likely to result in success. The OvaScience AUGMENT(sm) treatment is a new approach designed to improve egg health.

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  • Mrs. B - Its good, but giving it more time...

    I am still trying to determine if this product is making a difference in my scars. I have been using it on my face for an acne scar that was that nice rosy pink color against my beige skin and for another acne scar on my body.

  • buysalot - I also like that I can wear it while doing other things ...

    I purchased this flex belt in February 2016.I have several back problems,so I was interested in strengthening my abdominal muscles.I used it daily for just over 6 months-4 days on and rest on the 5th day.I started with a power setting of 60 and a different program each day and worked up to 140 over about 4 months.That is as much intensity as I can take.I wasn't really convinced that the belt was actually strengthening my abs until I stopped using it for about 2 weeks.When I started the routine again at the 140 power setting it was too intense...I had to drop it to 110 and that felt even stronger than I had remembered.That was all the proof I needed that the belt was actually improving my abs.I also like that I can wear it while doing other things around the house or just while watching TV,reading,or making dinner.I am very happy with my purchase.