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  • Andres J Quinones - Aside from just smelling good, this product does absolutely nothing

    Aside from just smelling good, this product does absolutely nothing!! I placed 2 of them in my extremely small pantry, and these mice just continue to party in there like it's Christmas with the pine smell. No matter how many times I clean up, the droppings continue, which means they're not repelling anything! Waste of money....not worth it!

  • m&m - great

    this works well with our vista stroller when we use the car seat. if you use the stroller seat just be aware that if you face the seat out the top hits this. if you face the baby towards you there's plenty of room. i put my phone and water bottle in here when we go for walks or when we're out so i dont have to keep reaching into my bag underneath.

  • Anthony W. - Mini fantasy football encyclopedia

    Fantasy Football Index provides a wealth of FFB knowledge that will help you prepare for your upcoming draft. I used this along with my Draft Guide earlier this evening which helped me logically draft my players instead of randomly selecting my roster.

  • Tallgrl - Great value and great vitamin

    Love this stuff! I read an article that said it is good to take for a healthy baby so I am taking it with my prenatal vitamins. I remember stuff a lot verge than before I started taking it. That is a happy effect I think. I just take one a day and it is great! The ill size is a little large. I did want to mention this. Just take it with a BIG glass of water and you will be fine. It arrived quickly in the mail!

  • C. B - An absolute waste of my money

    I bought the peeler and the moisturizer. I received two peelers. One was sealed one wasn't. The unsealed container looks to have been used previously. The container was less than half full. The product inside was a dark color. It was thickly gelled. I'm not sure if that is the right consistency. I tested it in one spot and did not notice any difference. An absolute waste of my money.

  • Amazon Customer - its good for a little extra glow if you're early 20 or younger

    I've been using this serum maybe 3 times a week. I'm not old so I wasn't looking for much other than clear skin and a glow. The glow comes if I use regularly. My pimples from hormones come and go as they please this serum doesn't work for that. It's watery, and a side note, I've noticed thicker eyebrows since I've started using it. Probably from the vitamin e.

  • Amazon Customer - Not for me, but still good

    These earphones are great in quality and sound, however I have sensitive ears and these were very uncomfortable. I can only wear them for about an hour before my ear pain becomes unbearable (maybe I have a low pain tolerance too, so it could very well be my fault). I also wear glasses so putting these on so that the silicon wouldn't overlap meant I had to remove my glasses first. Aside from this, the sound quality and overall material quality of these are good. I don't hear and background noise when I wear them and they were very easy to setup. They came in a nice hard box and the travel case is convenient. I took a gamble and got these knowing I dislike earbuds, and I wish I could like these for myself, unfortunately, I really need a set that can be worn for at least 2 hours and these are too uncomfortable for my small ears.