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. . : : Galahad Consulting, PLC : : . . - Galahad Consulting, PLC specializes in the creation of small groups of experts who provide medical and surgical consultation for the development of investigational drugs and medical devices for the first-time-in-man studies to registration and post marketing approval in the United States and abroad.

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  • Anon Mom ïß - Great stripping agent!

    Great stripping agent! If that's what you want it for anyways! Completely removes all natural and unnatural oils from you hair. Really! All of them! First main ingredient? Water! Second is SLS; also known as sodium laureth sulfate. Whether or not that is dangerous or not is up to you, but it is the foaming agent that gives you the "clean" idea. Leaves your hair squeeky clean. Literally squeeky. Enjoy!


    I couldn't put it down till the end. I enjoyed it fully although horrified of what our prison system is like. I can't wait for another. I've read all of the Dillard series. My husband and I love your books!

  • judyinvegas - I love my T-Fal!

    I ordered this set to replace a old set that I have had for over 10 years, this is the best durable pans I have ever owened, I recommend them to anyone that loves to cook fast, because they do heat up fast, to keep them for along period of time, always heat at medium and let the hotspot do what it is designed for, heating... always hand wash all of the pans this is the secret to keeping them, I always use a light coat of PAM to keep the surface primed. The only thing I don't like it that Amazon doesn't send their rebates, I was one penny off of the price they needed, I called the Customer Rep Jennifer she said they would still do the rebate and to write on their what we talked about and to tape a penny too, I have not received my $10.00 rebate and I can't find any number to call for this....

  • Michael Flynn - Compact, lightweight, with decent suction

    Our last vacuum cleaner gave up the ghost a while ago - we picked up this one as a replacement at the big "C" store yesterday and gave it a test run around the apartment.

  • Amazon Customer - Baby Likes It!

    My baby was breastfed for several months, but I decided to wean her because I was exclusively pumping. She has a milk protein allergy so we were limited to the type of formula we could give her. We tried the Alimentum and Nutramigen powder and she hated both of them and cried, spit, and choked through a bottle if there was one ounce of either of them in it. I tried the ready to feed after I read that it didn't have corn in it and the first time I gave it to her, it she drank it without an issue. Some reviewers talked about the smell, which hasn't been an issue. I think it smells fine. It is expensive, but we are able to submit the cost difference between this and regular formula for reimbursement through our health care flex spending account.