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  • Robert E. - Seems like it's made pretty well and it's comfy

    Adds a little to my jeep Willeys. Matches the floor mats and tire tread. Seems like it's made pretty well and it's comfy.

  • A. Clarke - Quality build, but not reliable.

    I really really wanted to like this product, it is very well built, but the design isn't practical. It is VERY hard to light! I have a hobby of cool lighters and have used many, so this hand warmer, though not really necessary for me, seemed cool to have. Well, using Zippos premium fuel, and a zippo lighter, I've actual only got the warmer to stay lighted twice. Very disappointed... However, both times it did light, it stayed warm for hours, as advertised.

  • I taylor - A fast-paced, action-packed dystopian novel

    This is a world where children are collected and used as expendable warriors and the population is split between the system, a dictatorship of cruel proportions and underground burrows where people try to hide away from the strict regime. A young girl has lived her whole life underground without seeing daylight once, that, is until they come to clean out her community.

  • Panchira! - Nice board.

    Awesome board! But darn there are some bugs in it. Use the bios that is most stable for your other equipment, and not the most recent. 1601 I have now and it runs darn good for me!

  • Jack Daniels - Some of the info is good but each person needs to get a blood test ...

    Some of the info is good but each person needs to get a blood test to find out what you really need. I started taking the yeast per his recommendation then later found out I was allergic to it. Overall, I like his advice. Like all books on health, you still have to get your own body tested to see what is exactly right for your body's health.

  • Bradley 1985 - Good Quality, Good Sound, No Regrets

    Let's be honest, obviously this isn't exactly a Barry Gibb release. I knew that going in. But when I say this please understand, I'm a huge fan of Barry and the Bee Gees. However, if he refuses to release a CD or DVD of Mythology tour, and only did like 6 shows in the U.S. (none of which came anywhere near where I live). I don't quite honestly feel bad about buying this release.