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Francini Feversani - Página Inicial - Francini Feversani é especializada em Administração Judicial com experiência em processos de Falência e procedimentos de Recuperação Judicial.

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  • Skyler Blair - miracle

    This stuff saved my ass. Drink bunch of water a day or two before if you can. Chug this 2 hours before test.. Pee 3-4 times to get it rolling thru the stream and you are good to go. Love it

  • Amy G. - I couldn't be more pleased with the Orbi Tri-Band System

    I couldn't be more pleased with the Orbi Tri-Band System. There's not one area in our house that I can't get complete wi-fi connection. I only wish I had know about the Orbi system months ago, it could of saved alot of frustration when trying to run my business from home. Thank you Net Gear for an outstanding product!

  • littlegnat - Smells great and works well for makeup brush cleaning!

    I bought this to clean my makeup brushes rather than wash any babies, but it smells great and doesn't foam too much (which I needed for the brushes). I love Burt's Bees brand already, even if it's a bit pricey, I feel like it's worth it for a natural product.

  • monkijohnni - Great mouth wash

    My wife told me that my breath was getting a little ripe by the end of the day, and that really upset me. I hate talking to people with bad breath and I really didn't want to be one! This stuff seems to work great! Taste was a little strange at first, but I got used to it (just not sweet or minty like most mouth washes).

  • Henry Borges - Great!

    Bought these as a gift for my boyfriend, he works in a warehouse and runs all day. He says theyre very comfortable and have good support, breathe well and lace up easy. The cut is low and fits well around his ankles.

  • Miranda - not all that meets the eye

    its a great idea. they just have a few things to try and work through..first the red rubber tips. not only does it pull my hair, (not to where it hurts and you want to scream...) but it tugs just enough to make it un pleasant. and yes, i would section it and pull through as slow as i could. second..the rubber tips also cause a burnt smell to linger on the hair throughout the day. few people commented that they smelt a burning smell and i knew it was from that brush. third.. the buttons are in a horrible spot. what is supposed to be convenient is even more of a hassle due to the fact you think its straightening then you find out its not because you've turned the brush off accidently. fourth, if you have thick, wavy, frizzy hair like me. it will straighten it, but leaves a lot of frizz. overall i feel this could be a good product if the four things i listed were worked on. but each person is different. some people dont notice having frizzy hair but i notice it and i've never walked out of he house with my hair being frizzy using my other straighteners. i wanted to love this product as much as the next person but in all reality is not gonna work for eveyone. i wanted to give 5 stars but theres just too many things that dont work right for me to try and look past. i will be returning im not satisfied with this purchase.