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Forum Dança - Página Principal - O Forum Dança é uma associação cultural sem fins lucrativos, criada em 1990, com o objectivo de promover a formação profissional e artística, a investigação e a edição e documentação.

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  • santie88 - Almost perfect for a $149 Tablet.

    For a $149 Tablet, I think that it is amazing. Everything is very good, the only thing I find a little bit annoying is the resolution (1280*800) when I'm watching a video, but besides that I find the Tablet very, very usefull.

  • Anthony Hawthorne - I was torn between this and a Dodge Charger until ...

    I was torn between this and a Dodge Charger until I remembered my $10 Amazon gift card I got for helping my buddy move.

  • M Lizarraga - Another WIN for 3M

    3M, you are a godsend! When I first purchased my carpet, I coated it with Scotchgard protector. 5 years later, I had an 'accident,' with a plateful of spaghetti, whose sauce ended up all over the carpet. I thought I had to purchase a new one considering how the sauce had spread all over. After using moist paper towels, I was amazed that I could remove most of the damage. After purchasing the Scotchgard cleaner, the carpet looks brand spankin' new! They must mad scientists they have working there at 3M, considering the magic their products perform.