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Comfort Footwear Specialists - Shoe Shops in Ireland to Alleviate Foot Pain - Foot Solutions is more than just a shoe shop. We are the expert specialising in foot problems. Don't let foot pain slow you down. Visit our store now.

  • http://www.footsolutions.ie/foot-problems/ Foot Pain Causes, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment - Some foot problems can be difficult to recognize because the foot is unique and has so many parts. Foot Solutions has the answer to help treat foot pain.
  • http://www.footsolutions.ie/arch-supports/ Arch Supports & Custom Orthotics To Alleviate Foot Arch Pain - We're confident that our custom orthotics and custom-crafted arch support will help you alleviate foot arch pain because we made it just right for you.
  • http://www.footsolutions.ie/womens-shoes/ Womens Shoes | Foot Solutions Ireland - Our womens shoes are available in 1/2 sizes and come in variable widths. In addition, we carry shoes of different shapes and depths to fit almost any foot type.
  • http://www.footsolutions.ie/active-womens-shoes-aw16/ ACTIVE | Comfort Womens Shoes - From walking and running to hiking & working on your feet all day, the wide range of stylish comfort footwear at Foot Solutions can meet your every need.
  • http://www.footsolutions.ie/about-us/ Quality shoes, arch supports, and foot care in Ireland - Foot Solutions - Focusing on foot care and properly fitting shoes. We pride ourselves on providing a full line of quality shoes, arch supports, and foot care accessories, designed for all customer lifestyles.
  • http://www.footsolutions.ie/blog/mortons-neuroma-alcohol-sclerosing/ Morton’s Neuroma: Alcohol Sclerosing | Foot Solutions - Alcohol sclerosing is a treatment method using a sclerosing solution of 4% alcohol/ethanol, injected close to the site of the neuroma using ultrasound guidance
  • http://www.footsolutions.ie/blog/high-heels-foot-pain/ Foot Conditions Linked To Wearing High Heels | Foot Solutions - Foot Solutions, we have a stylish range of footwear for all occasions and will be happy to help you to find the best options for you.
  • http://www.footsolutions.ie/blog/hammertoe-mean-treated/ Hammertoe: What Does It Mean And How Is It Treated? - Hammertoe can cause many problems, including pain and difficulty walking and standing, and an inability to exercise properly. Book A Free Gait Analysis Now.
  • http://www.footsolutions.ie/blog/how-do-you-know-if-your-achilles-is-torn/ How Do You Know If Your Achilles Is Torn? - If you tear your Achilles tendon, you are likely to experience excruciating pain. We offer a free gait analysis test so that you can see exactly where your feet need the most support
  • http://www.footsolutions.ie/blog/footproblem/achilles-tendonitis/ The Right Tendonitis Treatment to Relieve your Pain - Foot Solutions - If you are suffering from Achilles Tendonitis, Foot Solutions can help. Our tendonitis treatment come in with free fitting to help relieve your tendonitis pain.

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  • William J. Williams Jr - The best battery box you can get.

    This product is better than expected.. I found the box lid and handle to be very sturdy and I expect this box to be around a long time after the bargain boxes are gone. The box flexed little with the weight of the battery Regarding the features: the carrying handle is quite useful and makes the box easy to carry; the LED voltmeter read battery level consistently; the usb port for telephone battery charging is quite useful and makes consistently good connections; the power point (cigarette lighter receptacle) is of full metal construction that makes good connection all of the time. There are cheaper boxes available but this one is the one you want!

  • Amazon Customer - Probably the worst Garmin device I have ever purchased

    Having owned nearly all the Garmin Bike and Triathlon range of computers, the Garmin Edge 820 is without doubt the worst product ever produced by Garmin. The screen quality is rubbish. Drops of sweat falling on to the screen will select and change settings. Even just hovering a finger over a setting will select it or the randomly the next option. Responsiveness to deliberate presses is slow. Unbelievably disappointed in this substandard, cheap and nasty build. Will be returning product and going back to using Garmin Edge 810.

  • Jennifer Jones - just dance 2015

    Best game ever and very fun to play. Newer versions get better and better. Had this game for a few weeks now and the kids have played it almost everyday! Great exercise and lots of fun. Loved most of the songs and dances on this new game.

  • Gao Atamazon - Great performance, unfortunate flaw

    The antivirus software performs well, but has one serious flaw. It does not remember manual exceptions of installed programs on the computer. I have a program that I need to use, but Webroot thinks it contains virus. That's fine, as I know the program probably has a suspicious component, but it's not vicious and I need it. But there is no way to simply set a permanent exception. Any manual "allow" seems to be only temporary, and gets overwritten in the next scan. It becomes a constant struggle. Cannot live with it. Rather unfortunate, especially considering that the antivirus software itself performs so well with such an attractive user interface.