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Foot care, Orthotics, Foot pain, Whitby, Brooklin, Oshawa, Ajax, Chiropodists, Foot doctors - Peter Guy and Randy Moore are chiropodists practicing podiatric medicine in Whitby, Ontario since 1997. They provide many foot care services including routine foot care, diabetic foot care, gait analysis and custom foot orthotics, diabetic wound care, nail surgery,

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  • Travis S. - I bought this thinking I would start over like I'd never played the guitar and it's helping with ...

    I've been playing guitar for most of my life but haven't progressed in a while. I'm an intermediate player but because life happens I always seem to put it down for a while then start back up as an advanced beginner. I bought this thinking I would start over like I'd never played the guitar and it's helping with fundamentals that I skipped other times through. At times it's frustrating. I think the some of the music sucks but that's because I'm old. It's also nice because you're playing along with the bands at arrangements fit to your level that will increase in difficulty as the computer senses your skills improving. It also has songs in their correct alternate tunnigs when the tunnings where applicable and will help you tune to it. Over the years I've never really messed with getting the correct tunnings except for drop d. I find a new appreciation for alternate tunnings and can hear the difference.

  • Kelsey Pendley - Good starter set!

    I really like this set because it has all of the pieces I needed. It is a decent priced item, and the tools are quality metal that haven't bent or rusted for me. The trick is just using the right head, and in the right way. There's a little instruction set in there, which makes it really easy to make the most of these.

  • Drew - So helpful

    An amazing reference for the DIYer. I have referenced it several times in conducting maintenance and other accessorizing. Better price here than at the local auto parts store too.

  • Keli Mcclour - 4 cats+ 1 dog + 3 humans= FLEAS

    This product is simply amazing! I will NEVER have another flea problem as long as this stuff is on the market. We had a flea infestation and kept buying expensive bottles of spray. I tried every spray on the market, peppermint oil, salt in the carpet, and night lights with water bowls underneath (that catches some,but not enough). NOTHING worked until this stuff. I highly recommend wearing mask and goggles, even though it doesnt advise you to in the instructions. If you dont have them, they are available for cheap at your local hardware store OR on amazon! While i was brushing it into the carpet I had a box fan blowing on me to keep the dust from suffocating me. The dust makes it a little hard to breath, but it settles very quickly. I kept my animals and kid upstairs while I brushed downstairs. Afterward, I let the animals/kid come down (it was totally safe) while I continued treatment upstairs. The house simply felt cleaner! The fact that we didnt have to get a hotel overnight while I bombed the house or contact an expensive exterminator was a major bonus!! At the risk of sounding like a hokey infomercial: THANKS FLEABUSTERS!!!

  • Paul A. Harris - Solitaire it ain't

    Absolutely no help for the solitaire games as to how to play them.Help gives a blank screen. Once I found the pdf manual, which did not install, it referred me to the help button. Disk has to remain in. So not available on my laptop. Solitaire games are all completely unintuitive. No scoring to tell if you are even heading in the right direction. It isn't worth $5, let alone the rediculous price I paid at Bestbuy.

  • Ranch Granny - Great Unicycle, Easy to Assemble, Fair Price!

    I bought this for my 9 year old granddaughter's birthday. We had to cut the seat post a couple of inches so it would fit her, but I wanted to buy her a 20" so she doesn't outgrow it immediately. We can always buy her a new seat post if she outgrows this one. That was the one complaint in all the reviews on the smaller size unicycles that I read, that their child had outgrown it very quickly, often in less than a year! My granddaughter learned how to ride in a Unicycle Club at her elementary school, and I didn't want her to lose that unusual skill, as she was really good at it. The unicycle was easy to put together, shiny and "cool looking." Ruthie was the Queen of the apartment complex where she lives after riding it in front of her friends. She is now teaching the other kids how to ride as well, lol. It's a great little cycle for the price,